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New Documentation Published June 9th- 15th!

New Documentation Published June 9th- 15th!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 39 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!

Campus Fabric Articles

VOSS: SLPP Disabling A Single Link Connection To Palo Alto Firewall 

VOSS: Android Devices Unable To Obtain DHCP Addresses On A Specific VLAN 

BOSS - MLT Trunk link is not allowing for the modification 

5420M-24T-4YE: Static routes active with NH IP in the local subnet ip range when defined on multinet... 

VOSS: Misconfigured smlt-virtual-bmac and spbm 1 smlt-peer-system-id Results In Network Latency and ...


Data Center Articles

Solarwinds SNMP GetRequests are not being received from VDX switch 

Unexpected SLX switch restart out-of-memory Syslog-ng 

Radius server configuration on vdx 6740


EXOS Articles

Long ERPS failover times seen when using copper connections 

Is it possible to enable egress flooding in vlan? 

Web-GUI/Chalet login fails with the error “Restful Service Login Failed” in 31.7.1.x version. 

Is there any overvoltage protection for EXOS switches PSU? 

VRRP packets are dropped on ISC link between MLAG pair. 

VLAN is not propagated with MVRP to inactive MLAG port after switch reboot. 

From option in "configure xml-notification target" command not working 

Performance alerts2C high CPU

General Articles

How to create an ACL to block ICMP Timestamp Request on the ISW switch. 



AP510i Out of Box Booting into WiNG Mode and Requires IdentiFi Mode


Legacy Articles

5GHz Automatic power stays at 20 dB


SD-WAN Articles

Is TCP port 53 open on the WAN side of SDWAN appliance? 

Universal Articles

VOSS 5320 - Long time before connection of end client is established 

What does the log "Error: Switched UNI/Fabric Attach/EAPoL port cannot be configured for different c... 

10GB-SR Link between Universal Switches 7520 & 5320 running VOSS not coming up/up 

What is supported max flow entries for 5320 and 7520 switches 

WiNG Articles

How often rf stats are updated 

XIQ Articles

How to enable 802.1x port authentication with certificate on XIQ APs 

User PPSK keys are getting generated with wrong Validity dates 

New APs showing offline after onboarding 

AP is unable to establish a CAPWAP tunnel to redirector IP 

AP3000 reboot after a short time (permanently) 

XIQ- DHCP server option under Device configuration is not working 

XIQ - Is there an easy way to compare the device and template level configurations? 

How to change SSID name 

ExtremeCloud IQ Controller System Health Alerts 

Does the Extreme RF Planner support WiFi6e Access Points? 

Newly onboard APs don't have option to change Network Policy and Location under Action Menu 

Devices Are seeing Hidden SSID 

Clients are only shown with WPA2 even when connecting to 6e radios which only support WPA3 

XMC Articles

Extreme Control: 802.1x clients failing to authenticate after power outage


If you have any requests for new articles, please let us know! You can either comment on this post, or email me directly at