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New Documentation Published May 19th-June 8th!

New Documentation Published May 19th-June 8th!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 151 new articles over the past few weeks! Check out the new titles below!


Campus Fabric Articles

Is 'ip tcp adjust-mss' Supported For Non-Fabric Extend Traffic 

Can DHCP-Server Running On VOSS Be Configured For Option 43 

Manage VOSS configuration via Cloud IQ 

VOSS Auto-nickname feature 

VOSS: HID VertX EVO V2000 Controller Randomly Loses Or Fails To Establish Physical Ethernet Connecti... 

VOSS How to configure BPDU guard 

L3 Fabric Extend Tunnel Not Established 

BGP updates containing the Extended Community Attribute are not accepted, causing the associated rou... 

A static S-UNI cannot be added to an I-SID mapped to a dynamic VLAN 

Port is bouncing and re-authenticating 

VOSS || FE : How to configure secondary IP address on a VLAN (IP Multinetting) ? 

How dose ECMP on voss / fabric engine determine path selection. 

VSP 7520 : Will not Connect to XIQ Cloud When the Agent version did not get updated 

VOSS || FE : Static Default route not getting redistributed into other routing protocol when using p... 

5520 crashes with core file when Windows Server NLB Unicast or Multicast mode is used 

VOSS/FE: Fabric Extend ISIS adjacency not coming UP 

VOSS: Direct vlan interface not redistributed into ISIS routing protocol 

FabricEngine (VOSS) - IP-Adress in SNMP-Trap in wrong order 

VSP-7400-48Y-8C || 100G-ESR4-QSFP300M || "100GbSR4 supported transceiver may require software upgrad... 

VOSS - ARP and reachability issue on vIST cluster 

VSP7400 RESTCONF TACACS+ Authentication fails after 24h 

5720 Fabric Engine : All or large number of ports operationally down and not recoverable without a r... 

VSP7400: ARP requests are not sent by the VSP7400 to another switch in a MultiArea SPB setup 

5720 crash with core file due to I2C bus stuck 

7720/7520 FE ( : Switch crashed with core file while running "show fulltech" or "show tech" 

VOSS : sFlow datagrams not sending when using NLS Management VLAN as agent IP 

IP Phone authentication issue 

ISIS Adjacency Not Establishing Between VSP 7400 and 5520 

5420: Connectivity Issues with Interaction Between OOO (7520) and MGMT VLAN 

VOSS DHCP Server option 150 

DBSYNC WARNING TLV not found in local DB Sync data base 

VSP-7400-48Y-8C || 100G-ESR4-QSFP300M port link does not come UP when using multimode breakout cable 

Can VSP/Fabric Engine Switches Be Configured as Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Server


Data Center Articles

Wrong information on the file "Layer 2 Switching Configuration Guide" for Extreme SLX-OS. 

All the data Interfaces failed on SLX 8820 

BGP daemon is crashing continuously after few days after upgrading to 20.5.2a code 

Is there an OID for power supply status for SLX? 

What this console output means " BIOS 3A14 POST starts... [11][32][15][19]" 

Tx and Rx High-Alrm on several ports 

Need your support to configure SNMP 

SLX is Calculating next hop' message in terminal monitor in 20.5.3 

DHCP Discover messages are dropping on MLX 

License Generation Failed - Maximum Capacity 8 activated for feature 100G 2C No more feature 100G al... 

BGP neighbors flapping due to hold timer expired 

What information need to be collected if Data traffic forwarded with incorrect next-hop MAC address.... 

If MLX 6.300h has been stable do we have to upgrade to 6.3.00j recommended code 

The "show tm voq-stat ingress-device all discards" Counters Not Updating 

Static Routes are present on SLX after deletion from XCO 

Router sending RST packet on iBGP session after receiving an OPEN message from neighbor 

Max-password age of SLX password using below command is not updated on the SLX 

How to use audit logs to troubleshoot 

Why is XCO GUI having firmware upgrade failure with SLX while path is not including the firmware ver...


EXOS Articles

Ping to VRRP VIP fails when passing through VRRP backup node in MLAG topology with Fabric-Routing en... 

How to configure H-VPLS? 

OSPF process crash when one of ospf link flaps-Process-ospf-pid-3248-died-with-signal-4 

SA-2024-051 - ICMP netmask request response (CVE-1999-0524) 

4120 Series Diagnostic Failure 

Does EXOS support MSCHAPv1/v2 as a switch MANGEMENT authentication method 

Memory leak occurs in snmpd process 

Switch can not connect to XiQ cloud after change of location 

Unable to use the hashtag (#) in password when creating new ADMIN account 

Do both fan modules need to be installed in the X590? 

What are some common network issues that can cause bottlenecks in EXOS switches? 

When trying to onboard a switch into XIQ-SE using ZTP+, the switch logs "ZTP+ discovery failed". 

Does extreme switch has oracle java in use

General Articles

How to modify/rename port or interface description on ISW-24W-4X?


IdentiFi Articles

License warning. There are more approved Devices than permitted by the license. X days left in grace... 

XIQ-C - AP fails to upgrade claiming possible corrupt firmware 

Is it possible to configure log buffer size of AP 4000? 

Legacy Articles

What is 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)? 

AP is not receiving full BT POE 

Clients loss of traffic when connecting to SSID


SD-WAN Articles

What does the alarm "OutOfDpiContexts" mean? 

Missing XIQ map prevent the Onboarding of new SDWAN sites 

Why am I seeing the error "unable to retrieve SaaS Dictionary informations" after uploading the SaaS... 

Why does the domain have a red LED with an error message "The following domains are not configured" ... 

How to check the issue with Active Directory authentification on SALSA? 

What are the 4 ZTP states? 

Advanced Troubleshooting for the Internet Access feature 

How to collect data (reports) from teleengines? 

SDWAN Routing Issue 

Why there is no data in SALSA platform and in Reporting? 

How to deploy the configuration on an SDWAN appliance? 

Universal Articles

Packets with CFI/DEI Bit Set are CPU Forwarded 

What ports support port partitioning on the 7520 platform 

Unable to push device level configuration for interface configuration to EXOS switch 

How to enable DHCP BootpRelay on 4220-8MW-40P-4X switch? 

SSH Keys not working in Fabric Engine on 5320-48P-8XE 

Are Standalone Switches in Slot:Port or Slot/Port Notation Compatible with XIQ? 

WiNG Articles

6E radio chart in NOVA is missing 

[WiNG] Meshpoint can't be configured on AP4xx and AP310-1 GUI 

How to set up MAC authentication on the Captive Portal(WING) enabled wlan 

Trustpoint not uploading to AP's 

Can adding WLAN to radio impact connected devices? 

AirDefense | How to add authorized URLs for BLE devices in order to stop " BLE Beacon using unauthor... 

AP410C and AP305C led status explanation in WiNG 

How often stats from rf-domain are sent to NOC? 

XIQ Articles

XIQ - Is it possible to use MU-MIMO and OFDMA at the same time? 

How to remove AP from XIQ-C 

A deeper look into ACSP 

Radius configuration question 

How do I show the certificate for an AP39XX from the CLI? 

ExtremeCloudIQ-new-alerts-page-stopped-working-After May 5th 2024 

XIQ - How to get firmware upgrade notifications 

Is 6ghz supported on outdoor Mesh deployments? 

Does Schedule Docker sync in a high availability pair? 

Which email domains are not allowed to be used to register for an ExtremeCloud IQ account? 

When do APs change their channeling? 

ExtremeCloud IQ Controller with licensed for Egypt may not show the configured Site 

XIQ - Does PPSK block mac address of failed clients 

[XIQ-C] question for default config change after firmware update. pse: disable -> enable 

XIQ-C shows Certificate: Expiring Warning 

Why is AP230 is not able to upgrade to latest 10.6.1 IQ Engine firmware 

Why does attempting to SSH into the Aerohive APs devices sometimes result in the error message "Coul... 

XIQ - How to enable 802.11w Protected Management Frames 

How to add/delete/edit MAC Object on XIQ 

XIQ | AP4000 not broadcasting SSID on firmware version 10.4r0 

APs not receiving DHCP address from DHCP server - stuck with 192.168.X.X IP addresses 

Saved filters have been lost or disappeared in XIQ 

Can IP address of cidr /31 or /32 be applied to the eth0 wan mode port of an AP302W? 

Where can i find AP460C, AP460S6C, and AP460S12C Hardware User Guide 

Co-pilot license cannot be revoked from offline XIQ APs 

ExtremeGuest Essentials Error when cloning Splash Template 

How to Adjust Negotiation speed of an AP 

XIQ - Generate "radio-balance enable" for AP4000 cause config applied failed 

Can't download device CSV 

XIQ- Unable to create or modify radio profile when using XIQ with French language 

Why was "Allow/Deny" button removed in the Monitor > Client list page 

Does XIQ support WPA3-Enterprise GCMP-256 encryption? 

Misleading Error Message when upgrading Firmware through XIQ-SE 

Client cannot get proper network connection 

Wifi Dialogue timeout on MacOS with WPA/WPA2/WPA3 Enterprise SSID and RADIUS 

Can I enabled WPAv3 "Transition Mode" when using Enterprise/WPA3/802.1x for XIQ-Pilot SSIDs? 

Custom Splash Page Appearing Blank | Guest Essentials 

Frequently authenticated and deauthenticated occur 

Where can I find detailed information regarding XIQ licensing? 

Captive web portal problem does not redirect to right webpage after client authentication 

XIQ CWP - Allow only one sponsor email address during registration 

How to enable SSH on an XIQ device 

Extreme Guest Essentials - Not working after adding HTTPS configuration 

Can XIQ be configured to bypass the customer's 3rd party Firewall web filter? 

How to configure CAPWAP over TCP 80 

[XIQ] Cloud Connection Status flapping over Starlink 

Can Google translate be added to landing page.HTML to be popped up on client's browser on Guest Esse... 

How to filter management and beacon frames in WLAN packet capture 

RX/TX values, shown in Client 360, present Client's or AP's perspective? 

Cannot delete User groups after removing all other associations 

Clients cannot connect to Guest SSID with CWP and RADIUS 

XIQ - Where to obtain Guest Registration information when using SelfReg Captive Portal 

802.1x radius authentication randomly stops working


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