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New Documentation Published March 10th- 23nd!

New Documentation Published March 10th- 23nd!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 106 new articles in the last two week! Check out the new titles below!



How to configure Wing Guest User Vouchers 

An unexpected error has occurred on the Extreme Portal- what to do? 

Where to find Visio Stencils for Extreme Networks Products? 

Campus Fabric Articles

Does MacSec feature supported on ERS4900 series? 

"COP-SW ERROR vsp4k_CpuPacketClassify" messages on VSP-4450GSX-PWR+ 

Is it possible to remove/revoke the trial license? 

VoSS ISIS link status when multiple NNI link between two nodes. 

FE 5420: APs (AP410C-Can) connecting to Incorrect Auto-Sense I-SID When a Complete config is Being P... 

MACSec not working over VLAN based transport network 

VOSS: BGP route-policy-in set-preference is not working on reboot or BGP bounce unless bgp neighbors... 

Unable to delete Flex-uni on a port if it supports untagged traffic 

Can elan-transparent (Transparent UNI) be used with other UNI types? 

VSP7K Unable to learn route in vrf: rcIpAddRoute: addIpRoute failed IP x.x.x.x Mask x.x.y.z NH 127.1... 

Does Extreme Have Base Configs for CIS Benchmarks? 

VOSS - How to configure a black hole route?


Data Center Articles

Erred for Set: rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = chassis’ status is “Degraded”; Configuration cha... 

Why don't the time stamps in system.journal files match other log files on 9920 

Why VLL/VPLS session didn't come up immediately after OSPF session is up after a port flap? 

Is NetIron OS affected by the Field Notice on removal of software from the Extreme Portal? 

Port discrepancy between Redis CDB and SDB databases 

No way to disable insecure-tls in efa auth ldapconfig 

Listener Policy not working and traffic not getting forwarded 


"% Error: TPVM operation backend command failed" whille giving TPVM trusted-peer password containing... 

Can you change the system ID of a port channel in an MCT setup? 

Updating an EPG times out and gives an "internal server error" 

Few BGP sessions are flapping continuously after migrating from mlxe to slx9640. 

What is the impact of removing previously configured bgp timers? 

SLX don't use IPv6 Flow Label to LACP hash 

SNMP Server - How to control which VRFs are listening 

Reloaded Software Fault: KSWD due to hslagtd process panic 

How to match VXLAN encapsulated packets with IP/VXLAN ACL


EXOS Articles

Unable to change port type at device level on XIQ 

Does EXOS have an OID for collecting aggregated port statistics on sharing groups (LAGs)? 

Configurations changed automatically 

Stack is using 00:00:00:00:00:00 as source mac for arp packets on the mgmt port 

How To Keep Switch From Sending SNMP User Password to Syslog When CLI Logging is Enabled? 

It seems that the "install image inactive" command is not available for X435 series switches. 

Does DHCP work for private vlans 

MACsec ports not coming up as active after a reboot 

Are XN-ACPWR-1100W-FB and XN-ACPWR-1100W-BF PSUs compatible with x460G2s? 

Why the IP address on a vlan of my EXOS switch is not elected as IGMP querier? 

How to clear the contents of "debug iqagent show log agent" and "debug iqagent show log hive-agent" 

With OnePolicy enabled dot1p value is not changed to corresponding QP 

General Articles

Why the end system is not getting authenticated on 220 even NPS has replied Access-Accept? 

How to configure the RADIUS shared secret via CLI on ISW switches 

ISW-24W-4X TCN not sent in RingV2 chain mode 

Loop detected on link up when using LACP LAG on ISW-24 

ISW 16804 - Serial number shows 0 in cli and web gui


IdentiFi Articles

Does the AP3935i support GE2 in "Client" mode? 

Access Point Migration to XIQ-C Best Practices 

Legacy Articles

Where is the AP1130 Hardware User Guide posted 

Captive portal based wifi is giving access without approval


SD-WAN Articles

Hyphen character not allowed in email domain name 

The configuration done using the inetconfig command is not saved on the SD-WAN appliance 

Both NAPs become Broken when a failure is detected on a single NAP 

Why doesn't the RVC have data on capacity and usage? 

Why my NAP1 goes down when the ipsec tunnel is down on WAN2? 

Universal Articles

What are the differences in Re-Authentication in Mode MHMV and MHSA 

"show stacking" on both switches in a new stack shows them both as slot 1. 

EXOS 32.6 - SSH mit public keys not working 

WiNG Articles

Are WiNG Access Points NIST 500-83 Certified? 

Why am getting an error when attempting to enable ssid "The disabled SSID  <ssid_name> is not valid ... 

NX5500 software - what are the conditions of download? 

Why is my hidden SSID being "seen" by Air Defense and other network scanning utilities? 

Restrict client via data limit on CWP 

What are the restrictions of operating AP8433 on 802.3af power? 

Wing 7.7 and Wing 7.9 shows different antenna gain 

XIQ Articles

How does XIQ Extreme Guest Essentials` User’s Device Count limit work in EGE > Onboarding Policy? 

One SSID has slow performance and appears to be restricting data rates to 6Mbps and below 

Client device retaining old IP address after changing Internal subnet 

XIQ Access points are showing NTP retries and incorrect clock time 

AP5000 - "ERROR: failed to send message to dcd" when attempting to push update 

ExtremeCloud IQ: MU-MIMO push/enabling functionality is broken 

XIQ - How to change AP mgt0 MTU size 

Why AP acting as Radius-server cannot join an Active Directory domain? 

In XIQ Cloud why does a devices Device Management Interface setting not reflect the Network Policy/S... 

XIQ - Can -WW APs deployed in the US be shipped and deployed in other -WW countries? 

How to assign a sFlow collector to a Network Policy or Device configuration? 

Issue related to VIQ export/import 

Why External CWP redirect failure on 10.6r1a for AP130? 

How to configure DHCP Relay on XIQ Controller 

Unable to push updates | HM Classic OnPrem 

How to reboot AP via cli 

Changing Industry in Organization Information results in an error message in XIQ 

VGVA tunnel to AP302W remote sites are flapping with " cvg_del_blackhole_for_tunnel and ip route del... 

Does the upgrade from XIQ Connect to XIQ Pilot affect the Network Performance? 

Why do the XIQ-C station event logs match the client event logs in the GUI? 

CWP Redirection is not occurring to CISCO ISE when APs are on firmware 10.6.1ra 

User unable to connect wifi 

PPSK Registration SSID 

XIQ - Not receiving created reports via email 

How to configure XIQ Classification rules for SNMP server? 

Can XiQ User Profile firewall block VPN traffic? 

XIQ - Why are we seeing a difference between the Alerts Notification Bell count and Manage Alerts Se... 

How to block a mac address on a WLAN on XIQ Controller 

Configuring XiQ with NPS 

Wing AP names not updating within the CloudIQ system 

How to adjust radio minimum basic rate in XIQC 

Device Update via API sometimes not working 

Why CWP is being closed after a successful registration on Android devices? 

WAPs with static IPs are getting DHCP 

XIQ - How to enable or disable the 6 GHz radio 

XMC Articles

How to get to License Managment section in XIQ 

Is "Apache Tomcat Default Files" a security vulnerability? How to fix it in XIQ-SE? 

How to change management server IP on Analytics?


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