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New Documentation Published February 25th- March 9th

New Documentation Published February 25th- March 9th

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Community Manager

Our support teams published 91 new articles in the last two weeks! Check out the new titles below!



How to request details related to specific PO, SO, or contract? 

Campus Fabric Articles

What is the Console Port Baud Rate for an XA1480 

VSP-4450GSX-PWR+ VLACP flaps accompanied with multiple warnings. 

Switch Fails to Distribute VRFs After Reinstating Premiere License Following Expiration 

VSP7254 10 gig copper SFP+ will not link if SFP is moved to a different port 

Has SNMP SysObjectID changed with Fabric Engine? 

VSP: Cannot save config or print show run, error log messages on console 

7520 (FE): Cannot install TPVM 

VOSS: INDISCARD counter incrementing on VSP ports due to packets being dropped for no ARP found/reso... 

FE 5420 : Not Passing Traffic on 1 G link With EXOS Switch 

How Can I Run Specific Node Commands Output by XMC/XIQ on Multiple Network Nodes 

7520 (FE): SW upgrade needed message when 100G-DACP-QSFP1M is inserted 

IQ agent shows disconnected while switch shows onboarded. 

ERS : How to configure LLDP 802.1AB MED network policies on ERS platform switches 

VSP 4400: Redundant Power supply is taken down once Chassis Temperature goes beyond 65C.


Data Center Articles

Does 100G-SR4-QSFP28-100M QSFP support a 4x10g break-out? 

Upgrade from 20.4.2 to 20.4.3a on a SLX switch fails 

Tunnel interface down 

ssh not working anymore after downgrade from version 20.4.2b to version 20.1.2h. 

Can you delete a default admin, user and root account in SLX? 

SLX9640 down 

Transport endpoint is not connected 

What is the cause of BGP going down with reason Port State Down? 

Is there an internal limitation to throughput on MLXe LAGs 

SLX9740 failing to process commands reporting: application communication failure 

LACP port-channel between VDX and another device remained down 

BR-VDX6740T Problems with displaying statistics and partial problems with traffic flow. 

SA-2024-012 - Debug Information Disclosure in Kubernetes (CVE-2019-11248) 

SA-2024-013 - OpenSSH Username Enumeration Bailout Delay (CVE-2018-15473) 

Error : VRF with name testVR already exist on device, use different VRF name 

How to add new leaf switches to a running fabric using XCO 

How to Migrate EFA 2.7.2 Standalone server to new XCO 3.3.1 Standalone Server 

SA-2024-014 - OpenSSH GSS2 Username Enumeration (CVE-2018-15919) 

Severe Repeated Protocols hits on core SLX 9740 

BGP AS path is 0 in sflow data


EXOS Articles

Does the 7520-48YE-8CE support stacking with SwitchEngine? 

X690 MLAG ISC DOWN when one switch has been upgraded to EXOS while another one is EXOS 31.... 

EXOS: Loading Primary Diagnostics Initializing operational diagnostics... POST initialization failed... 

Does the 7520-48YE-8CE support MACsec 

Why I am seeing packet drop in mirroring ports? 

EXOS shows Telemetry Warning logs "Pipe write error. Restart 200 msec retry timer" when connected to... 

Accounts created with encrypted password are expired if password-policy max-age is set 

X870 25Gb links do not come live or are unstable when running FEC CL91 

NSI vlan settings from policy are lost after stack failover 

Should the login counter increment for Radius mgmt-access logins? 

XIQ-SE - Wrong Pilot License Count - VPEX are counted twice 

General Articles

ISW LLDP shows TLV Unknown + Discards when connected to Fabric Engine 

How to configure ARP Inspection on 220 series? 

Legacy Articles

[XIQ-C] Client connect to 2.4/5Ghz although same SSID is broadcasted on 6Ghz when one of 6Ghz SSID i... 

How To Block Block IPV6 Traffic On XIQ-C 

PlayStation 5 lag and high spikes of latency when playing online games. 

[XIQ-C] Client can't connect to 6Ghz when SSID is configured as WPA3-Compatibility 

License Violation in XIQ-C


SD-WAN Articles

SDWAN appliance freezes during reboot 

Universal Articles

SSH Authentication Fails 

How many mirroring filters ( per ingress vlan or ingress port traffic) can be applied on all active ... 

U-VOSS: How to stop phones from sending authentication requests to the RADIUS server on Auto-sense p... 

Unable to Ping VLAN Interface 

5320 Is it possible to enable auto-negotiation on port 1/52? 

WiNG Articles

CVE Vulnerability Inquiry for ADSP 

WiNG - WEP encryption passphrase not working 

CFD-10594 Beacons on channel 205 seen on AP3000 

WiNG Manager does not allow access to IP address of Access Point 

AP410C-1 is not broadcasting SSID in 5ghz when set Bangladesh (BD) regulatory domain 

How to clear stats on rf-domain 

XIQ Articles

Intermittent Authentication Issue noticed on AP130 and AP230 

AirDefense Base will stop displaying data <15 minutes of the Docker application starting 

The following devices will not be managed and all statistics will be lost after subscription expirat... 

Unable to change 6GHz radio from sensor to Client Access on AP4000 

How to enable or disable ethernet ports in ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ) - Pilot via AP Templates 

In Location Essentials, the Site Groups show the Child Sites, but the Sites do not show the Site Gro... 

Configuration Update Fails with timeout due to communication problem 

ExtremeCloud IQ - AP3000 - Delta config update failed with saving incorrect signature file 

APs in XIQ-Pilot show us "up" and connected in XMC for 1-2 polling cycles, then show as down there a... 

Guest Manager cannot see users created by admin 

How many rules can be added to walled garden under SSID? 

Is it Possible to DIM LED for AP305C ? 

API for getting external users does not return login_name 

Half of the Access Points have suddenly disconnected from XIQ management 

Can each SSID of an access point have its own DNS server in XIQ network policy? 

ID Manager SMS feature not working 

Why can't I find the firmware image for an AP330? 

The portal AP showing as mesh point in device 360 topology view 

What is a hive or What is a hive policy? 

What is the difference between validity expiration and session timeout in Extreme guest essentials ? 

XIQ | How to view the APs channels on heat maps ? 

Captive portal guest essentials not working if we change the language from the language menu on a cu... 

XMC Articles

How to verify if TLS version 1.0 and 1.1 are disabled on Ubuntu based appliances


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