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New Documentation Published March 5th-11th!

New Documentation Published March 5th-11th!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 60 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!



SA-2023-029 - OpenSSL X.400 address type confusion in X.509 GeneralName (CVE-2023-0286) 

Campus Fabric Articles

5420: Unicast traffic of mgmt. vlan is flooded in some conditions 

ERS3600 showing GBIC 10301 as "Unsupported" 

VSP8608: Not able to remove old corefiles 

ERS random RADIUS Server Reachability 

VOSS/Fabric Engine : Redistributed default route via "injectlist" refreshes on OSPF neighbor 

How many VRFs are supported by default on VSP. 

How To Configure Switch To Listen For RIP Default Route 

SPBM Multicast : How to configure Multicast Lite "config-lite" 

VOSS / Fabric Engine – Unexpected Route Entry Seen in LSDB Ip-Unicast Table


Data Center Articles

Port-based traffic policing not working on SLX 96402C SLX OS 20.3.4 

Need help with Radius authentication on VDX 

EFA Drift Reconcile Removing Cluster Configuration 

SLX 9640 with SLXOS-20.3.2ae shows packet loss when using traceroute or using Linux MTR command


EXOS Articles

SSH does not work, enable or disable ssh causes CLI to hang 

Is there any impact if I reboot the backup MSM? 

x590 Switch bootes in loop with Kernelerror after DHCP config changes

Legacy Articles

How to edit/add data to the User Data 1, 2, 3, and 4 fields in Site Engine (XIQSE) 

Unable to save individual AP configuration until "Description" field is modified 

XIQ-C Showing Controller has more approved APs than permitted by the license. 

How do I install the Scheduler Docker App for use with Extreme Campus Controller (XCC) and/or Extrem... 

How to deploy VE6120 on Hyper-V 

How do I remove Maps / Floor Plans from Extreme Campus Controller (XCC) or ExtremeCloud IQ - Control... 

How do I change the password used for SSH to APs in Extreme Campus Controller (XCC) and/or ExtremeCl... 

How to make a blacklist per SSID in XCCv10 and XIQ-C controllers


SD-WAN Articles

The IPSEC tunnel used is not the one I expected 

Error 4166: appliance referenced by Local Traffic Limiting directory. 

What are the requirements to deploy a virtual|engine on VMware ESXi Hypervisor? 

Can the ip|engine send traffic through a disabled interface? 

Universal Articles

How to remove a slot from a stack in XIQ 

Why don't I see IPARP entries on an L2 VLAN? 

How To Add/Assign/Configure a Name To Interfaces/Ports 

WARNING: Adding ports with different tagging option. Tagging option for each port is used from MLT (... 

Switch Not Getting Default Route Via RIP 

What are the Advanced Feature Bandwidth reservation's low and high scaling parameters? 

WiNG Articles

WiNG - AP505 - How to prevent a network loop with prestaging of LACP configuration 

Can SMART-RF affecting wireless or wired authentication issue 

Unable to log into NOVA interface - getting error "Error - Service not Available" 

WiNG - Can the onboard radius server filter users based on their email domain name? 

WiNG - How to enable and disable Flash-UI from CLI 

WiNG - How to schedule adopted AP upgrade in a Virtual Controller (VC) deployment 

[WiNG+XIQ] VX9000 is displayed as offline after upgraded tp WiNG 7.9.x 

Does x440 AVB license expire? 

Not possible to disable reauthentication in NOVA GUI 

WiNG - Why is the Captive Portal landing page not appearing on wireless devices? 

Can WiNG VX9000 software be upgraded direct from version to 

XIQ Articles

[WiNG] Smart-rf transmit power is too high, neighbor use same channel 

How to upgrade an Extreme Cloud IQ Controller 

XIQ - Wireless clients not pulling an IP address from DHCP server due to incorrect VLAN assignment 

XIQ - Is it possible to configure DHCP redundancy on more that one AP? 

XIQ - Can we set up randomized MAC filters in XIQ? 

[XIQ]Entitlement Key migration from HMClassic to XIQ fails 

Unable to Generate Reports 

XIQ - RADIUS Server group classification show empty 

Unable to onboard device to XIQ. Management license limit error (License is sufficient) 

Usernames for many Windows Devices showing as 'Anonymous' in ExtremeCloud IQ Client 360 

Incorrect Channel Change Events display in XIQ 

IQVA error DNS server not reachable 

XIQ- newly onboarded AP5010 will not connect to XIQ 

XMC Articles

NAC - Where are the Agent Assessment logs located on a Windows OS