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New Documentation Published May 7th-13th!

New Documentation Published May 7th-13th!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 53 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!

Campus Fabric Articles

VSP7400-48Y-8C : "Error: port 1/50, Not a channelizable port" 

Question on NLS Topology flag (force-topology-ip) 

K-Series VoIP phones using LLDP-MED do not get network policy and IP address 

VOSS: "Error: Src IP Address is not a local interface or the local interface is down" When Attemptin... 

Unable To Communicate With Management CLIP IP Via SNMP When Management OOB IP Is Also Enabled 

Configuration for Defender SA201 on a Fabric Engine 

IP Stack unable to access when second slot is down 

VOSS (FE): Can't assign data and voice VLAN to phone/pc properly


Data Center Articles

Can I transfer the Factory installed license t another VDX switch? 

How do I know if the Security Hardening Script was ran on a TPVM? 

EFA 3.1.1 : TPVM went to bad state due to disk utilization full issue and need to reboot TPVM to res... 

[SLX] 20.2.3j - Multipath BGP route is not updating after nexthop change 

TPVM deployment 4.5.11 occasionally fails at installing VM 

On the serial console management port, is hardware flow control needed or supported? 

rAcl doesn't work for snmp on BD ve - interface 

All ISL ports down and then software fault with processor reload - vdx6740 

Does VDX support multiple VXLAN tunnels to the same destination site?


EXOS Articles

SLPP Guard not detecting loops 

Network sniffer device only showing broadcast traffic or unexpected traffic from EXOS configured por... 

40G DAC in port 49 shows ?Q+LR4 (Mismatches Partition) 

Why are netlogin clients without network after an sequential mlag upgrade? 

Do the X620-T/P, X670-G2, X690 and X870 switches support ExtremeXOS 32.1 and above? 

Multi VIM LAG in extremeiq 

Why DOS Protect failed to block the excessive traffic with ACL and the switch is showing "No traffic... 

Legacy Articles

Captive Portal XIQ-C with Extreme AP3935 does not work 

Can I create a PPSK SSID using the Extreme Campus Controller (XCC) or ExtremeCloud IQ - Controller (... 

Error uploading upgrade file - message says "check free space on device" 

VGVA error kernel bigger than remaining length in TCP options 

In Extreme Cloud IQ, can I view the Application report for a certain time frame for wireless users? 

[XIQ-C] AP stauts shows "Failed" or "MtuFailed". 

How Do I Reboot XIQ AP In The GUI 

How Does the "Minimize Service Impact" Option Work?

Universal Articles

U-VOSS: Few specific ports not negotiating to 1000 Mbps 

How to set up Digital Twin in XIQ? 

Fabric Engine: Clients unable to communicate in Fabric Network due to MAC flush 

Does 5320-48P-8XE switch support vIST / SMLT 

WiNG Articles

[WiNG] radar scan continues more than 1min 

Unable to delete Korean characters User account in AirDefense Platform 

WiNG - How to revert configuration changes made via CLI 

XIQ Articles

How to configure AP5010 to use 4x4 antenna with 802.3at PoE 

XIQ Query error message triggered when trying to display audit logs 

Unable to onboard AP using Quick-Add. Getting error Onboarding Universal APs as Controllers is not s... 

Some Clients on some particular APs can't exchange packets especially MAC devices 

AP410 5ghz show off even is configure. 

[XIQ] Delta update fails 

Unable to change the hostname of an Access point in Extreme Cloud IQ 

An unknown error has occurred on XIQ 

[Wireless ]In the context of tech data for :ah_dcd:wifi, what could it explain the meaning or purpos... 

Locked User PPSK Default Time 

Does AP send radius request to radius and accounting servers other than primary radius server? 

Extreme Cloud IQ error for license expiring for 5520

XMC Articles

XMC/Site Engine: "You are attempting to overwrite a newer version of the Domain in the database" War... 

XIQ RADIUS Test "The connection attempt to the server timed out"


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