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New Documentation Published November 12th-25th!

New Documentation Published November 12th-25th!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 88 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!



SA-2023-110 - Squid absolute URL includes decoded UserInfo (CVE-2019-12520) 

SA-2023-111 - Squid URN request creates HTTP request (CVE-2019-12523) 

SA-2023-112 - Squid <esi:when> tag handling (CVE-2019-12519) 

SA-2023-113 - Squid nonce reference counter (CVE-2020-11945) 

Files uploaded to Extreme TAC via the Secure File secure FTP site do not appear to be be attached to... 

SA-2023-114 - Squid Digest authentication performs memcpy (CVE-2019-12525) 

SA-2023-115 - OpenSSL IV truncation (CVE-2023-5363) 

SA-2023-116 - libcurl `CURLOPT_SSLCERT` macOS (CVE-2021-22926) 

SA-2023-117 - Netlogon Remote Protocol (CVE-2020-1472) 

SA-2023-118 - Samba SMB1 write requests (CVE-2022-32742) 

SA-2023-119 - Samba shared keys (CVE-2022-2031) 

SA-2023-120 - Node.JS systeminformation npm (CVE-2021-21315) 

SA-2023-121 - MySQL InnoDB repeatable crash (CVE-2021-35604) 

SA-2023-122 - SM2 decryption code (CVE-2021-3711) 

Can licenses be used before they reach the start date? 

SA-2023-123 - MaxQueryDuration in Samba AD DC LDAP (CVE-2021-3670) 

SA-2023-124 - Apache Tomcat HTTP trail headers (CVE-2023-45648) 

SA-2023-125 - Apache Tomcat incomplete cleanup (CVE-2023-42794) 

SA-2023-126 - Apache Tomcat information leaking (CVE-2023-42795) 

SA-2023-127 - OpenSSL DH slow key generation (CVE-2023-5678) 

SA-2023-128 - Samba AD LDAP use-after-free (CVE-2022-32746)

Campus Fabric Articles

Silent Random Reboots on VSP 4450GSX-PWR 

VOSS: vlan mlt and no spanning-tree mstp force-port-state enable config removed. 

EDM login fails after upgrade to 

VOSS: snmp-server community is removed from running-configuration after reboot. 

VSP8600 || : Slot 1 lost contact to other slots "Sending letter failed" 

Servers Not Reachable Following Routing Change 

Specific models of IP Phones are not receiving IP address from the Voice VLAN 

LRM Modules won't link Between 5420F-48P-4XL and VSP 4900 

VSP sync issue with NTPv3 

Fabric Engine : MAC of Directly Connected End-Device (C-Uni) Wrongfully Learned via Uplink and Wrong... 

Does Switch Require Reboot When Disabling Channelization On Port 

The SSH server is configured to use Cipher Block Chaining. 

MSDP peer no SA in foreign cache 

Temperature information order change 

Control protocol Multicast and ARP broadcast packets reflected back into remote area by multi-area S... 

Why does the Sflow swtich still send packets when packets are dropped on VOSS? 

VOSS || Fabric Engine: EDM does not display full FDB table of ISID/T-UNI which does not have a platf...


Data Center Articles

Resources are temporarily unavailable, please try again later. 

SLX port down alarm is missing to send every traps aligned with RAS logs for Link up/down events. 

Traffic on specific VXLAN segment unable to reach the Internet 

SLX SNMP not responding 

Multiple discarding paths in new MSTP implementation 

When using DACp 10304 Cable the VDX Port doesn't goes down when remote side is "shut" 

LDP FEC prefixes not being installed 

VDX 6940 dropped out of cluster and went unresponsive. 

SLX8520 uplink with CER us not coming


EXOS Articles

Does EXOS have any feature like Cisco IPSLA? 

EXOS - IP-Security ARP Validation Error 

Does the X590 switch support 802.1ad (Q-in-Q / VMAN)? 

Legacy Articles

Cannot view AP names after importing Ekahau floorplan 

XIQ-C Rebooting Due To Low Memory 

[XIQ-C] is there any features to generate SmartRF related logs?


SD-WAN Articles

How to run a script in ExtremeCloud SD-WAN? 

Why tunnels are not visible in dashboard? 

High CPU consumption after a patch installation or a failed upgrade 

What is the "Managed" feature on ExtremeCloud SD-WAN? 

Universal Articles

FE : Out of memory crash with core dump "Memory reached critical level of 95% utilization" 

7520-48Y-8C || Even numbered ports don’t work with 25GB LR Transceiver starting from port# 25 

Universal Hardware : Where Can I get Vendor Specific Attribute (VSA) for VOSS 

WiNG Articles

WiNG AX Access Points antenna gain configuration 

Error message when configuring antenna gain on AC WiNG Access Points | %%Error: Antenna gain cannot ... 

Is there an OID to 'get' CPU, memory and fan speed information? 

Premier evaluation license for 7000 series product - where to get? 

What are the conditions of license transfer for EXOS switches? 

WiNG | How to download wireless client list (CSV)? 

Is there an alarm for PMF frames on ADSP? 

AirDefense Platform GUI 'Enable Fast Termination' option cannot unchecked 

AirDefense Platform Security Profiles setting not Apply Correctly 

AirDefense Sensor Offline Indication is Incorrect 

AirDefense Running SNMP discovery Showing Error 

XIQ Articles
Unable to change internal admin account role 

How to migrate from IQVA with HIQ enabled to an online XIQ without HIQ? 

Unable to set password for newly created ExtremeCloud IQ account - getting error: The key does not e... 

Can I create a second RTLS profile for Aeroscout integration with the XIQ Controller?  

Cloud IQ - Organization selector menu is missing from Hierarchical XIQ 

Wireless clients can't ping other devices on the same subnet 

Unable to console into AP due to an uninterrupted stream of DOSATTACK: IPSPOOF ATTACK messages 

Can I classify client devices using email domain on ExtremeCloud IQ? 

How to renew the license for the ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine? 

DOP DOP-7547 | Error XLOC Essential Service is not enable (view image) 

Guest Essentials Guests need to log back into the guest portal before the expiration time 

Certificate import seems failing in Extreme Cloud IQ 

What IP address ranges must be allowed enable SSH connections via XIQ on EXOS switches? 

For 11ax APs XIQ will automatically use AD Essential instead of Legacy WIPS 

Extreme guest essential redirecting to default system splash template instead of the Custom one 

How to configure fabric attach with port aggregation? 

How to determine the deployment mode of ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine (connected to XIQ or Airgap) 



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