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New Documentation Published November 5th-11th!

New Documentation Published November 5th-11th!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 32 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!

Campus Fabric Articles

VOSS || FE: How to pass voice vlan information to an IP Phone via LLDP 

Is Private VLAN Supported on VSP 8600 

Why does "show interfaces gigabitEthernet" output show 30 ports only for a 7720-32C switch? 

What is the "Re-ARP count" at the end of the command output for "show ip arp" on VOSS?


Data Center Articles

Inter-Area MPLS LSP Down 

How to preserve Incoming DSCP vlaue going across VXLAN tunnel 

Running config commit on SLX OS 20.5.1b failing on SLX 9150 

What commands are needed on XCO to update the certificates on SLX after restoring the backup from fr...


EXOS Articles

SNMP trap not generated when IP-security arp violation occurs 

Create policy access-list command fails with "current rule model is hierarchical" error 

Optic removing affected the link status of other port in the same partition on the 5720-VIM-6YE 

Legacy Articles

How to block a wireless rogue DHCP server 

SSID Visitor Rule on Extreme location essentials


SD-WAN Articles

Why filters don't show me all information? 

Server error in the orchestrator UI 23: Flows API Exception 

Why isn't the Active Alarms download option working? 

Universal Articles

Does Switch Engine 32.5 on 7520-48Y-8C allow for 2x50G port partitioning? 

WiNG Articles

How limit the amount of unnecessary Broadcast / Multicast traffic in the air due to High latency? 

Who has access to software for VX9000? 

XIQ Articles
XIQ - How to change/add a location to a device that has already been onboarded 

XiQ pushing config to offline APs 

How to do Extreme Cloud IQ AP410C-WR config with Aggregation with VSP switch 

The new onboarded World SKU APs is not properly applied the excluded channel settings 

How the temporary license for XIQ works? 

XIQ - In Device Monitoring Wired show POE degraded when AP runs in AF power 

XIQ - Getting error: The captive web portal profile type does not match the captive web portal type,... 

Newly created XIQ account on India RDC with SD-WAN enabled getting not found error 

XIQ Summary page is spinning when system language is non-English 

<Warn:cm.sys.ApplCfgObjUnsuprt> The "upm" application "cfgInstaPortProfile" configuration object is ... 

At least one of your Extreme Cloud IQ subscription licenses (XIQ-PIL-S-C) will expire within XX days... 

XIQ WEB UI glitch issue with the vertical scrollbar limitation 

CFD-9682 - UPA CWP Does not Display Fully on Mobile without Zooming Out 


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