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New Documentation Published November 13th-19th, 2022!

New Documentation Published November 13th-19th, 2022!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 88 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!


SA-2022-030 – glibc svcunix_create (CVE-2022-23218)
SA-2022-029 - glibc clnt_create (CVE-2022-23219)
How to renew the license?

Campus Fabric

5520 VOSS: Radius Incorrect shared secret
vIST Went Down and Traffic Forwarding Interrupted for Several Hours Before Resuming Again
ERS3500: Unable to enable ssh feature
After reboot default SNMPv3 group "initial" becomes active even though deleted before reboot
VSP 4900: ISIS ADJ Not Being Formed On Newly Configured Switch
Does ERS has CLI command to source management traffic like SNMP Traps, SSH, Radius, TACACS etc ?
Can Syslog Message Format Be Changed
What Are Part Numbers for 10G SFP's Compatible With ERS 4800 Switches
The command "dir -l -r" shows wrong year in the date format
VOSS: SNMPv3 doesn't work when trying to poll any OID
VSP 4900: Fabric Attach State Showing As Reject Using "show fa assignment" Command
100G-DACP-QSFP3M: 100Gig DAC displayed as 40Gig
VOSS (Fabric Engine): Not able to access the switch SecureCRT
ERS 4900 : Switch crashed with exception "tRadRecv"
Log message "FA INFO Fabric Attach Assignment rejected: interface <X/X> i-sid <i-sid #> cvid <c-vid ...
Unexpected CPU switchover on VSP 8600
VOSS 8.x: The NBRv6 COUNT is incorrect in the "show ip vrf vrfids 512" output

Data Center

In SLX OS, how to create/configure a GRE Tunnel?
multiple SLX 9540's reload on their own
In SLX, unicast ARP requests to an interface IP are responded with 2 ARP reply packets
Traffic blackholed on ISL link W/ FSPF messages in the RASLOG
VDX8770 - MM1 reload and the "too many interrupts" afterward.
How to check what version of OpenSSL VDX NOS is using
Interruption of traffic on ISL linecard
SLX-OS does not mask CLI secret strings or passwords for NTP/OSPF, while sending them in RADIUS Acco...
SLX9740 crashes when show cluster is executed


How to replace BPE in a Virtual Port Extender setup.
Switch Responds to Pings for Inactive VLAN Interface when Ingress VLAN has IPForwarding
Inline-power status is showing as faulted on V400.
<Erro:DM.Error> Process vpex Failed
5520 or 5420 stack enters dual master state and does not recover
Is it possible to mirror LAG ports?
Is LFM supported on copper ports ?
The EXOS 31.6 and 31.7 Command References state that the BGP connect-retry feature is disabled by de...
Is it possible to advertise the received BGP routes to different VR based on route policy?


What is the function of XCC Site Level SNMP Setting
How to configure captive portal verification in Extreme Control
I have the file downloaded. It is a .gz file and the appliance wants a .docker file. How do I procee...
What Captive Portal options are available for Extreme Control?
XCC - Portal Authentication Registration. How to create username/password using Pre-registration por...
Extreme Campus Controller (XCC) lost licenses and lots of configuration
Extreme Control (NAC) - What causes eap: rlm_eap (EAP): No EAP session matching state
A3: How To Show RADIUS Audit Logs


Where can I see the status of the VPN Tunnel to Azure (VTI)?
How to solve the "does not exist" error when accessing my reporting?
VTI external gateway Ipsec tunnel UP but doesn't let traffic pass through it
Why there is no data on dashboard for a specific site?
Why am I seeing alarms related to appliances that no longer exist?
Is the Ipanema SD-WAN Orchestrator connected to Google Analytics?
Why are there missing "activation" licenses on the domain?
How to delete a zone when instances are still related to this zone?


Universal 5420: How to enable port U1 and U2
Traffic not passing on 25GB Links on X465 Stack


Where is Extreme Networks model AP510i documentation posted
When will Extreme Networks model AP5010 be supported on WING platforms
Why Mac book Pro clients connected to 1 spatial stream?
How to Change User Login Password via GUI
How to avoid AWDL to maximize wireless performance?
WiNG - APs in remote rf-domains showing up as mint neighbors to the controller
Are WiNG devices affected by CVE-2022-3602 vulnerability?


For AP510cx what are the antenna ports for wifi 0 and wifi1?
Where is the Extreme Networks Model AP130 Hardware User Guide Posted
XIQ | AP does not respond to Radius CoA request or Disconnect request for 802.1X SSID
What is the meaning of "wlc_recvdata_ordered" messages?
Where is a link for the ExtremeCloudIQ On Premise .OVA file?
VOIP on X440 integrated with A3 returned error
Does ExtremeCloud IQ provide a report that shows bandwidth usage per client?
CAPWAP: capwap predefine server name file isn't exist.
XIQ - AP230 shows disconnected in the XIQ console, but says connected in show capwap client command


Common Issues: Understanding and troubleshooting captive portal
How does Control identify end systems attempting to register to the captive portal?
How to configure an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) in Extreme Control
altering scan depth to improve performance for delayed end system updates to XIQ-SE
Unable to login into captive portal administrative page with LDAP user account
What are the "Network Settings" options in Extreme Control captive portal used for?
What are Extreme Control Self-registration and pre-registration features?
NAC - Guest portal registration using username & password.
XIQ-SE Fabric Topology Error java.lang.InstantiationException: DiscoveryService not bound
How to check the PSU state on H/W Appliance of XMC/ExtremeControl
How to configure sponsorship in Extreme Control
Advanced debug guidance for Extreme Control captive portal implementation
NAC/Control - Captive Portal user not receiving text message or email during the MAC Registration pr...
What does it mean when XMC or XIQ-SE records alarms for "Response Time Threshold exceeded" showing t...