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New Documentation Published November 6th-12th!

New Documentation Published November 6th-12th!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 50 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!


VPEX cannot be configured on the X590 switch for the V300HT-8P-2X. 
License Generation Failed - This is a Perpetual Entitlement Voucher. Please navigate to Cloud Licens... 
How to check the expiration date of Service contract in Extreme Portal using Assets SNs? 

Campus Fabric Articles
VOSS: VSP8200 Constant high CPU 90% 

VSP 8400 - Failed to add ARP records error logs 

How To Configure Interface Name Using CLI 

How To View Interface Names Using CLI 

VSP 7400: The command “default ip vrrp version” does not work as expected 

ACL to permit one IP intra VLAN access while limiting other IPs in the same VLAN to inter VLAN acces...

Data Center Articles

EFA installation on TPVM and Ubuntu requirements for 3.0.0. 

AUDIT messages get overridden every time a new event is generated 

Why does SLXOS not have an option to specify "update-source" with IPv6 addresses for BGP peer-groups... 

After ISSU upgrade to 7.4.1f, SNMP monitoring has stopped 

"MCT Cluster Config missing between rack devices" error message is not relayed in REST API 

When upgrading the Spine or Border-Leaf SDP traffic got stalled 

Error on Config Changes - Commiting to Underlying Data Store failed 

What is the maximum MAC address supported on SLX8720

EXOS Articles

Mirrored egress packet in the EXOS switch lost during processing redirect-port 

is EXOS vulnerable to CVE-2015-5600 ?

Legacy Articles

Is Hyper-V Clustering supported on XCC/XIQ-Controller? 

AP3935 is not showing up on controller 

ExtremeCloud IQ: Issues with upgrading 630s/650s/510s to 10.4r5 

How can I change the controller Adoption Configuration of specific Access Points? 

Common Issues: How to troubleshoot failed archive backup 

Enabling Band steering does not save when enabling it through AP Override 

A3 - 802.1x users rejected due to error: MS-CHAP Response Is Incorrect (0xc0000022) 

Basic XIQ Configuration example with External captive portal to Extreme Control


SD-WAN Articles

How to deploy a Vipe|engine in SD-WAN? 

How to send ip|boss logs using SMTP or SNMP? 

I am unable to access a domain in platform 2 with my account 

Why is my reporting not showing any data? 

Why is Application Flows showing no data? 

Why doesn't my ip|engine reply to ping requests? 


Universal Articles

Can Ports Be Added To Existing SMLT/MLT Without Disabling LACP 

How to Modify a HiveManager Classic Administrator 

XIQ Articles

Basic XIQ Controller External Captive Portal Configuration example with Extreme Control 

AP4000 is showing 2.4 Ghz channels in wifi2 interface 

When an admin uploads an AirDefense Essentials delta configuration, ExtremeCloud IQ marks managed AP... 

XIQ - How to limit the number of wireless clients per PPSK password to 1 

How to Upload Floor Plan Image File on ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ) using XIQ API 

AP460c Not Broadcasting SSID's 

XIQ - How to create a report for Client Tracking by MAC address 


XMC Articles

How to configure Redirect for EXOS using XIQ-SE Policy 

NAC - Queue sizes increasing on NAC causing authentication timeouts 

Why am I missing Device Type/Device Family and Hostname information for end system in Control? 


No device information record for this Schedule can be found in the database when archiving devices 

Control Dashboard does not show engine load for appliance 

How does IP Resolution work within Extreme Control? 

What is required for end systems to be shown in Access Control?