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Ridgeline 4 vlan upper and lower case

Create Date: Oct 3 2013 8:10AM Upper and lower case vlan does not seem to work, does anyone have the same problem? If u manualy create a vlan on a switch with uppercase letters, then when ridgeline reads the config it only uses lower case. If u t...

Ridgeline 4.0. install error

Create Date: Jul 25 2013 7:23AM After installation i get the following text: The installation of Ridgeline 4.0 is finished, but some errors occurred during the install. Please see the installation log for details. And in logs it says: Modify Text ...


Create Date: Mar 26 2013 12:35AM Hi, Is there a way or policy in Ridgleline IDM-RBAC to block a non-AD User if he tries to connect to a Extreme Switch. That he will not be able to acquire a DCHP IP Address because he is not a member of the ACTIVE D...

Firmware/Partiton consistency

Create Date: Jul 9 2013 7:32PM Hello Everyone, So we have about 500 switches, including stand alone switches and stacks. Some switches have 15.X firmware running on active primary partition and the rest have 15.X running on active secondary parti...

SNMPv3 and Ridgeline 3.1 Error

Create Date: Jul 30 2013 2:55PM After getting SNMPv3 access working (or at least what I thought was working) with Ridgeline. I attempt to sync the device within ridgeline and everything works fine except this lone failure line: Failed to add sys...