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c3g124-48 configuration intervlan routing and access policy and hyper-v integration

c3g124-48 configuration intervlan routing and access policy and hyper-v integration

New Contributor
Hello, I'm new in configuring C3g124-48
I have a switch from you and it has the firmware in its last version, however I have some difficulties in the configuration shown below:
What I intend to create:

ID NAME IP (/24) Gtw

1 Cliente

10 Administração

20 Tecnica

30 Servidores

40 Voip

50 Cameras

60 Testes

70 Public

Rules of Access:

Inter Vlan Access
ID 1 10 20 30 40 50 60 70

1 X - - X - - - -

10 X X X X X X X -

20 X - X X X X X X

30 X X X X X X X -

40 - - - X - X - -

50 - X - X - X - -

60 X - X X - - - X

70 X - - - - - - X

Vlan 30 - LACP configured on ports 44 - 48 Ports

Swicth Data:
IP Layer Vlan Default:
Each of the VLANs the switch would be the default gateway and the static routing between the gateway, switch and vlans.
Configuring access rules to filter traffic as shown above.

This configuration below do not know if it would be possible to create in this swicth:

Dynamic VLAN configured on port 42-43, where the Hyper-V Mac Source is: 0A: F1: 04: xx: xx: xx and will receive virtual machines with dynamic routing that only have access to them and to the router's ip, in addition to Access to the gateway IP, in case
Each VM Created with this MAC start belongs to a VLAN that can not access any of the other VLANs, only Gateway access.
Can you tell me if it would be possible to create this scenario on your Switch? If you can not create this whole scenario, how far can I go with your switch and which product of yours could satisfy the requirements for a network with this complexity.

Bruno D'Anna

Contributor II
Hi Bruno,

I would not recommend to use both the switch's host IP interface (set ip address) and SVIs on the same switch. I would recommend to use only SVIs, including for VLAN 1 (if you really want to use VLAN 1 at all).

If you want to use an SVI for VLAN 1 use the following:
clear ip address router enable configure interface vlan 1 ip address no shutdown exit ip route exit exit exitErik

New Contributor
Understand, in this case the default Vlan will remain without IP address and routing is run on the other VLan ´ s.
So how do I set a default gateway to switch in Vlan 1 interface?

Contributor II

the switch interface, configured with "set ip address", cannot be used for routing. You should probably remove that address from a console session with "clear ip address" and then add an SVI to VLAN 1. Otherwise the C3 cannot route from or to VLAN 1.


New Contributor
Hello Friend,

I run several tests and Intervlan routing does not seem to be working

For the purpose of testing, I isolated a Swicth port and defined a static IP, along with a static VLAN, these command lines were used in the Switch:

#set ip address mask gateway

#set vlan create 20

#set vlan name 20 "tecnica"

#set vlan egress 20 ge.1.5 untagged

#clear vlan egress 1 ge.1.5

#set vlan association subnet 20




I#nterface vlan 20

I#p address

#ip rip enable (no necessary)

#no shutdown


#set port vlan ge.1.5 20

#show ip route

Destination Gateway Flags Use If Metric UG 1 host 5 UC 33 host 5 UH 0 lo0 5 UC 0 rt2 5 UH 0 lo0 5

#ping is alive

On the computer connected to VLAN Default:

Ip: gtw:

#route add mask


(no response)


(no trace to route)

Route Print

endereço de rede Máscara Ender. gateway Interface Custo 266 No vínculo 266 No vínculo 266 No vínculo 266 11

Config in the Computer Connected to the port 5 Vlan 20:

IP: gtw:

#ping (alive)

#Ping (switch)

No response

#Ping (router)

No response

Router Config:

#route add -net gateway


Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface

default 200-1-58-201. UG 0 0 0 ppp1 * U 0 0 0 eth1 * U 0 0 0 br0 UG 0 0 0 br0

200-1-58-201. * UH 0 0 0 ppp1

#ping (no response)

But no response or track to VLAN 20