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Avaya cloud services

The avaya cloud services webpage is not secure anymore. --> https://login.cnp.avaya.com/ Certificate is valid from 1/08/2017 to 25/08/2018 ?????????

Firmware for C3G124-24

I have 3 Enterasys C3G124-24 devices to which I am trying to update the firmware, from version 01.00.92 to the most recent possible. Could someone tell me a link to download it ?.

Pass vrf routes from Cisco to Brocade

Hello, I’m a Cisco guy with a Brocade router, and my ignorance is showing. I am trying to get vrf routes passed from my Cisco router to my Brocade router. While I feel like I’m incredibly close, I’m still missing the clue. Outputs are below, and...