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Previously Symbol WS2000 configuration

Previously Symbol WS2000 configuration

New Contributor

Hi there.  We have 2 legacy WS 2000 Symbol wireless RF switches and we were hoping to invoke a segment on our network for it and also add Wifi to the broadcast on the access points.  This is out of service so tech support seems unable to help.  Was just wondering if anyone out there might have some insight to share whether it be experience or a support manual, etc.


Thanks so much in advance!




Extreme Employee

Hi JIM053 
I have uploaded both the CLI and the GUI reference guides below, hopefully this will help. 

WS2000 Wireless Switch System Reference Guides


New Contributor

Hi Sam. thanks for your note.  We are trying to set up DHCP on the switch or at least have a different subnet for the Symbol equipment so the rest of our network can use DHCP rather than hardcoding in static IP addresses. Also, we’d like to be able to use our access ports (we have the Symbol AP300 WSAP-5100-100-WW R models) to broadcast wifi internet access in our warehouse in addition to the internal network so people can connect with devices to get onto the Internet.


Does that make sense?  Thx much.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jim, could you elaborate a bit more on what you are trying to configure on your WS2000 switch? Also when you say you want to add wifi broadcast to your APs, which APs are you using currently?