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Does 95624 Part number called "Managed Cloud WiFi" mean?

Does 95624 Part number called "Managed Cloud WiFi" mean?

New Contributor III
Hi community,

Could somebody let me know the 95624 part number mean?

I do not find it in any guide document.

Is it used for cloud subscription?

Thank in advance.

Honored Contributor
If you order CS-WLANROW9 you get..
- 2x license for a V2110
- full Extreme Management Center (NMS-ADV-U) license plus another one for lab use
- IA-ES-12K license = 12k user license for Extreme Control

This bundle costs (about) nothing but instead you pay a anual fee per Access Point.

You'd install the VMs whereever you want..... i.e. customers ESXi or partners ESXi.


Thank you so much, Ronald.

Sorry wrong PN# in the first post - it's CS-WLANROW9 for the Cloud solution.
I've changed it now in the post.

I think that 95624 is the anual service fee per AP for the product number CS-WLANROW9.