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Community Manager
Hello all, thank you for your patience while we worked on the migration issues with our new community. Below is a table with all major issues currently reported, what steps we've taken so far to address the issue, a resolution if we've found one for said issue/request, and the time this chart was last updated. As we learn more, I will update this chart so please feel free to check back here for a status update any time. If you have any questions or if you would like to report a new issue, please reach out to me at anytime. 


Steps Taken


Last Updated Time

Email Spamming

Switched default email behavior from “Real Time” to “Daily Digest” so all information comes in one email daily.
Raising feature requests to bring email functionality back to previous functionality

Default behavior switched to Daily Digest


Feature request ongoing

10/15 12:06pm

Change “Answer” button on posts to “Reply”

Informed new vendor of request, vendor is working on customizing that text for us

 Custom Code in place, tested- Resolved

10/19 2:40pm

Adding Recent Posts option to top navigation bar

Community team built new menu item and tested

Released new menu item to production, confirmed this works for members- Resolved

10/15 12:10pm

Missing posts, page gives 404 error

Confirmed all content was migrated over (all discussion posts, all questions).
Re-indexing site to recover pages


10/15 12:11pm

Unable to see threads without joining community

Adjusted settings so threads are viewable without joining

New settings allow members to view threads without joining community- Resolved

10/18 12:37pm