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Extreme A3 Major Release 5.0.0 is now Available

Extreme A3 Major Release 5.0.0 is now Available

Valued Contributor III

The Extreme A3 Major release 5.0.0 has reached Generally Available status.

Both VM and Hyper-V images of the A3 are uploaded to the portal. Release note is available online.


A3 5.0.0 Key Features include:

  • OS change from Centos to Debian 11
  • End-system information is shared from A3 to XIQ
  • Azure AD integration is enhanced
  • Japanese Captive Portal support
  • Fractional percentage license allocation
  • Tech Support Download Lite Mode Enhancement
  • Updated A3 Configuration Sync
  • GUI option to restart services when Replacing Certificate
  • WMI removal
  • Expose vrrp_unicast attrribute on GUI


The upgrade guide to version 5.0.0 is here

Regards Zdeněk Pala