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XIQ controller change availability role of paired servers

XIQ controller change availability role of paired servers

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A while back we had some issues with our primary XIQ Controller. Long story short, What was our primary controller, XCC-01 was re-configured to be our backup controller, and our backup controller, XCC-02, was re-configured to be the primary controller.

I would like to change this, so that XCC-01 is primary, and XCC-02 is backup.

I know this is configured in Administration > Availability > Role, and that you use the dropdown menu to choose either the Primary or Backup role for the server. My questions are:

  1. Do I do this on both controllers, only on the current backup controller, or only on the primary controller? 
  2. If this is configured on both controllers, is there a recommended order to go about making this change? IE, which controller to change first.
  3. Can this be done while both controllers are up and running, or does one of them need to be shutdown first?

Yes, this seems all rather simple, but I do not want to bring wireless service to a standstill by going about this the wrong way. Any advice as to how to change the roll of each XIQ controller will be greatly appreciated. 




I'm also curious about the rightway to do that, changing XIQ Controller pair roles could put your controller in a non-operating state and you may have to restore from backup - which could lead to interesting discoveries.

Ask me how I know 🙂

OK Jan, how do you know?. LOL

It would be nice if someone from Extreme could weigh in on this. I have yet to find how best to perform this procedure in the XIQ Controller documentation.