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location_id always empty

location_id always empty

New Contributor

I'm using the new API and i'm always getting a empty respons on location_id and locations. I know for sure that the AP is assigned a location. 
I'm using as an endpoint. If i get the details of an devices the location id is also empty. 
Any suggestions?

Extreme Employee

There is a view option with that endpoint. By default it uses the basic view which doesn't provide the location information. Currently those fields are returned with a null value but soon they will be updated to not show at all. You can change the view by adding ?views=detail to the end of the url. Currently supported views are basic, detail, status, client, location, full. If you are just looking for the location id you could use
 But this will only return the location info. If you need location id and mac address or something you will need to use the detail (or full) view. 
There's more information about the different views in our documentation -

Also note that if you are collecting more than 10 devices you will need to change the limit and page through the devices to get all devices. The limit can be changed from the default 10 devices up to 100. If you have more than 100 devices you will have to page through them. For this the url will look like this -

The response will have information about how many pages will be needed as well as total devices at the top of the response.

Hopefully that is helpful. Reach out if you have any issues.