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3G124-48 Switch Configuration and Fiber Connection

3G124-48 Switch Configuration and Fiber Connection

New Contributor
Good morning people,

All right?

In my company we have a network with 3 manageable switches of Enterasys, all model 3G124-48 and 2 VLANS, all interconnected with each other.
It turns out that my company is expandindo and with that will increase the size of our network infrastructure.
We will interconnect the main switch with a fourth switch of the same model through the Mini-GBIC (SFP).
And I have the following doubts:

1) What fiber should be used for this? Multi-mode or Single-mode? I saw the manual and did not find it.

2) How do fiber connectivity in Mini-GBIC (SFP)?

3) How do I configure the Mini-GBIC (SFP) port for Trunk port on the Main Switch?

4) In the fourth switch, how do I configure the trunk ports and the VLANS for each port? (I've seen in some places they said it's similar to the CISCO model).