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Best way to upgrade NetSight?

Best way to upgrade NetSight?

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Running NetSight v 6.3. Current version is 8.02. To get there I need to go thru 7.1.2. Question: is it better to take the current server from 6.3 to 7.1.2 and then from 7.1.2 to 8.02? Or would it be better to build a new virtual server at v7.1.2, copy the database, then build a new virtual server at v. 8.02 and transfer the database from the v.7.1.2 server? Either way, work needs to be done. Thanks for the suggestions.....

Extreme Employee

Maybe this article could give you some hint.

What is the upgrade path for Extreme Management

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Concur what Stephen said. I've done upgrades from 4.x to 8. His path is the correct path. You will need to go to 7.1.3 before you go to 8. As Stephan said... make sure you have a good backup.

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I transitioned from 6.3 to 7.0, then to 7.1. I'm a cautious tech, so I ran each update for a few weeks before the next upgrade. I'm still running 7.1.2, so I cannot comment on 8.x.

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Hello, I just recently finished this upgrade path.

Netsight -> -> EMC

Prior to the upgrades, BACKUP YOUR DATA! Double check your support licenses and ensure that you can convert your 6.x license to the newer 7.x licenses. Read the release notes for the new versions as well. When in doubt call the GTAK to verify anything, those guys are GOLD!

I believe if I recall correctly, I upgraded the 6.x server to 7.x to ensure that the new license and databases were upgraded correctly. Then I moved it the data to a new server that had a fresh install of 7.x running on Windows. I didn't upgrade my NAC at that time, so my NAC was running 6.x while my Netsight was running 7.x without any issues.

Several months later...

I ran the upgrade on my new server from 7.x to, for windows this is an EXE file and went smoothly.

I took the option to RE-ISO the NAC, going directly from 6.x to 8.x by just blowing away the nac then enforcing the config back to it after the setup. CLI on the nac: nacstatus will output your configuration information. I captured it via putty log file. I log all my putty sessions. RE-ISO requires physical access to the NAC with monitor and keyboard, not an issue for me.

This took a bit of time (15-20min) but was I think the best option, again the GTAK guys are GOLD. Walked me through everything ahead of time and I was able to perform the upgrades.

One key issue that I caused by being a bit overly picky, when I ran the setup on the NAC after the re-iso I entered in the host name as the FQDN which included my This caused a squid issue with my captive portal. Took two weeks to notice it but the GTAK was able to correct it. Essentially users were getting which of course was wrong and they weren't getting the web pop up. In my defense the reported issues were sketchy and very limited and one of those weeks was spring break...

After going through the upgrades I was probably far more worried than necessary over them, of course I think I have a pretty basic setup overall.

Knowledge base and GTAK were critical and making sure your license and support contracts are up to date.