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convert or upgrade small to medium appliance NAC / XMC / Anlaytics

convert or upgrade small to medium appliance NAC / XMC / Anlaytics

New Contributor II
Hello Comunity,

we made a POC last year with Netsight / Purview / NAC on a customer location...

Now .. "we will buy ist . it works great" ..
"please convert it to medium size because we need analytics "
but no "New install" because we did a lot of integration ...

How can i upgrade or convert a small appliance to a medium appliance ?
Should i convert it alone or can you combine this with an upgrade to last version ?


Extreme Employee
WIth Analytics you may need more hard drive space for your statistics.Not only CPU & Memory.

My approach would be:
- backup your configuration in the GUI
- export the backup from the PoC virtual machine
- install new production VM
- copy the backup to the file system of production VM
- restore the backup in the GUI

Please be aware following information is not part of the backup and additional manual file transfer is needed:
- MIBs
- Connect settings
- Operating system settings

Regards Zdeněk Pala

Contributor II
i didn't knew that.
our netsight appliance is from a time where there was no small/medium/large

New Contributor II
Hello Anton,

you didn´t understand me ..  of course i have a pureview appliance..
But it was installed as a "Small" deployment and the small deployment has as per description no possibility to make analytics .. you need the medium deployment..

Thats why my question if the difference between small and medium is only the amount of ressources and settings in the nssserver.cfg ?

Contributor II
you need a seperate analytics "purview" appliance
and you need NMS-ADV license

basically you can have XMC small appliance and use analytics

you got 3000 flows in nms-adv license. if you have more you need a analytics license
for network response time you need an s-series switch or identifi wireless controller