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Creating Flexviews in Extreme 8.4/8.5

Creating Flexviews in Extreme 8.4/8.5

New Contributor II

If all the java applications are being disabled and eventually being deprecated, how are flexviews supposed to be created?

Is there a flexview creator functionality in the GUI now?


Extreme Employee

FYI the Java/Legacy clients will not be going away, as originally planned, so you will still have the ability to perform whatever functions in the Java clients that have not/will not be ported to the Web UI for future revisions.

Where can I find the client or how to install a client?

Johan Hendrik System Architect Audax

Johan ... Rodney's reply was two years ago. The landscape has once again shifted and for XMC the legacy Java remains accessible, but hidden. In XIQ-SE the legacy Java applications/interfaces have been completely removed.

See for instructions on re-enabling legacy Java in XMC 8.x only.

New Contributor II

Thanks for that John. But those are instructions on how to add an already created flexview to netsight which is different then actually being able to create a new flexview from scratch.

Is there a new tool to create flexviews?