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Extreme management center| User Identity - End system

Extreme management center| User Identity - End system

New Contributor
Hello everybody,

I'm on the last step of deploying ExtremeControl solution, though I still have some issues :

The Extreme Control doesnt provide the IP adresse, Access type, health and the authorisation of my end system, but the mac adresse, the host name, device type and time of the day is already discovered. how can I solve it ?

Thank you sooo much for ur help,,

Extreme Employee

health information is provided based on:
  • 3rd party assessment and information synchronization
  • Build-in Agent based assessment
  • Build-in Agent less assessment
IP address is discovered based on several options:
  • Node & Alias table
  • ARP cache from router
  • Information provided by the switch
  • DHCP traffic snooping
  • Agent based assessment
What do you mean by Access Type?
  • switch port / wireless information goes from radius request.
Authorization is based on your rules configuration = if you do "access granted" then there is no special radius attributes. if you return to the switch any additional radius attributes (VLAN, POLICY,...) then you will see those attributes in Authorization

Hope it helps.
Regards Zdeněk Pala