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Failed to schedule script request

Failed to schedule script request

New Contributor II
I've created a script task, which works in it's own right. But now I'm trying to run it with the Scheduler, so that I can email the results to myself. When the scheduled run time hits, I see the Status turn red, to "Error Occurred". When click this, I see "Failed to schedule script request: Error count: 1". No email comes through to me and I can't tell if the script is running at all.
Any ideas? Could I view some logs somewhere in NetSight to get more information on this error?

New Contributor II

Hello together,

today i reached a partial success.
Namely that i could restart the Switch with Scripting.
An advice i could get from this article:
It is prefered to write the script language in JSONRPC. So i did and it worked.
Nonetheless the log of the mail described a failure which was not correct.
Therefore partial success. I have to look further.

I hope that this will help you to reach your Goal.

New Contributor II

Hello Martin,

i have the same failure. But on my issue i became an E-Mail but the reboot command in the script wasn't done.

following was typed in the tcl script: