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Filter snmp link trap notification except on uplinks in Netsight

Filter snmp link trap notification except on uplinks in Netsight

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Is there anyway in Netsight or on an S/K Series to filter out SNMP link up/down traps except for certain links like the main up links?

Understand I can filter out specific OID's on the switch but that would stop the ability altogether.

The main reason for this is that my logs are continually being filled with user link up/down notifications that aren't necessary to log.


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Thanks for the detailed response - exactly what I was looking for!

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Here is the information needed to create the Flexview I spoke of in my earlier post.

  • From Console, click on the “Interface Statistics” tab in the large window.
  • In the upper left corner of the large window, click on the small button. If you hover your mouse over the icon it displays as “Flexview”.
  • Single left-mouse click this button and select “New”.
  • Click on the “Columns” tab.
  • In the middle-left of the screen there is a small field labeled “Find what:”.
  • In this field enter “iflinkupdowntrapenable”. Click the “Find” button.
  • In the window just above this field, the tree will expand and this field should be highlighted.
  • With this field highlighted, click on the “New” button.
  • This field will now show as an additional column in the bottom window.
  • Back in the “Tree” window at the top of the tree that is currently open, highlight the leaf “ifName”. It is the first leaf at the top of this branch.
  • With “ifName” highlighted, click the “New” button and this will add another column in the bottom window.
  • Click the “Save as” button and give it a meaningful name such as “enable link up down traps on ports”.
  • You should now be back at the main Flexview window with a blank window and the name of the Flexview you just created in the drag-down menu at the top of this window.
  • Highlight the switch in the left window you want to make changes to and click the green triangle “retrieve” button on the upper right of the big window.
  • The big window will now populate with the columns that match up to the Flexview you just created. Highlight a single or multiple ports.
  • Once highlighted click on the second button in the upper right of the big window. If you hover the mouse over that button it is the “Show/hide table editor” button.
  • Once you click on it an extra row will appear at the bottom of the big window. This line will allow you to edit any columns that can be edited. In this case the only column that can be edited is the “iFlinkupdowntrapenable” column. By default all the ports show “enable”. Change the drag-down to “disable”.

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On an S-Series switch, you can issue "set port trap disable" command. This will disable the link up/down trap for the ports listed. Like you, I only wanted to see link traps on uplink ports and access point links, not on every device or end point. You can also build a Flexview in NetSight to allow you to set this if you prefer.

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Hi Ronald,

Thanks for posting - its specifically SNMP trap link notifications I need to filter, its so my trap logs don't keep getting filled with information I don't need so its easier to see the ones that are more important.

Thanks for the link, we already have alarms set to notify us if a major link goes down.