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Guest / Self-Registration Question

Guest / Self-Registration Question

New Contributor III

We have a NAC portal with an expiration of 3 days for guests.  We have a large permanent group here that also join as guests but are required to use their proper email address - let’s say  Any email address with “” will get moved to a group called dudes and get their own policy.  We’d like to NOT expire dude accounts.  We used to collect MAC addresses to MAC auth but as permanent as the group is, the actual clientele is transient enough that that was a pain.  It’s easy to search for dude email addresses and move them but difficult to manually change the registration expiration date.  Part of the charge from up above is to keep the dude$ happy (i..e keep it simple for them).  


Any suggestions on how to change the expiration date en masse AFTER they register or perhaps a retool of the whole idea?  (30,000 ft overview of course).  Thanks in advance.