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How to assign tagged VLAN and policy with NAC for user port?

How to assign tagged VLAN and policy with NAC for user port?

New Contributor III
we are using NAC to assign policies and a location-dependent VLAN-ID for untagged VLANs on our User ports (Summit x450-G2- and Enterasys G3-Switches).
So we have at Control / Access Control / Configuration / Policy Mappings a policy mapping table which defines what VLAN is to be used for each profile depending on location. (f.e. profile "printer" VLAN is 20 at location A and 30 at location .
At NAC configuration the setting "RADIUS-Attributes to send" for our switches is set to "RFC 3580 - VLAN-ID and Extreme Policy".

Question 1: At Policy Mappings Table the is a column "VLAN egress" which can be set to tagged, untagged, same as ingress and user-defined. When I select "tagged" here, the VLAN is still untagged at user port, maybe because RFC3580 does not include taggedd or untagged information. What must I do if I want to assign a tagged VLAN for a NAC user profile / mapping?

Question 2: Policy mapping Table is named "default". Can I use multiple mapping tables somehow?

Extreme Employee
Please reference the following article:

Doug Hyde
Director, Technical Support / Extreme Networks