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How to Find NetGear Switches using Extreme Management Center?

How to Find NetGear Switches using Extreme Management Center?

New Contributor
As I roll out Network Access Control and 802.1X, I'm finding that when a device fails to authenticate via 802.1X, it's due to the device being connected to a NetGear switch, which then connects to my Extreme switch.

When I run a compass search with Layers 2 and 3 shown, I do not see any MAC address for a NetGear device (checked this against IEEE's list). It's obvious that there is a small home office switch there because I see multiple active IP addresses on the same port, but I have over 400 switches that I need to identify where there may be a SOHO switch.

Anyone know how to identify these devices via Extreme Management Center?

Extreme Employee
Do the Netgear switches run LLDP or SNMP?

Do the unmanaged switches run spanning tree or any other L2 or L3 control protocols?
You could take a wireshark capture directly connected to one and look for anything identifiable in the trace.

Hi Dorian,

The switch that I do know about is a NetGear GS608 ( I do not see anything on the product sheet regarding LLDP or SNMP. I would have to assume that other SOHO switches in the environment, that could or could not be out there, do not run either of those protocols.