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I am getting sick with NAC: new ways to bring it down

I am getting sick with NAC: new ways to bring it down


Hello, team,

could you please explain me what is wrong:

1. I do clean install of NAC under Hyper-V, apply license. It's green in NAC console and in XMC. I add switches required. Everything is OK.
2. Then I want to change Diagnostics level to Verbose for some functions. I am unable to login https://nac:8443/ with credentials i've set during the installation - Login Failed.
3. I do exactly as here said: set same login&pass as with SSH, restart NAC.
4. Now I can login with credentials I've set BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The NAC are red in both NAC console and XMC.

Is it expected result?



Extreme Employee


The credential to login to NAC's diagnostics web page are typically not the same as the OS level root user you configure during install.

The credentials for web pages would be under: NAC Manager
Tools > Management and Configuration >Advanced Configuration
Global and Appliances Settings> Appliance Settings > Default
Credentials tab > Web Service Credentials "NAC Appliance Web Service Credentials" outlined in the article you noted. The web service credentials "are" also the same credentials that NAC Manager uses to poll / communicate with the NAC appliance, as outlined in the article:

For example, the user applied and configured during install may be root with a password of mypassword, but the web service credentials by default are: admin / Extreme@pp


Scott Keene
NMS/NAC Support

You're very welcome. Yes I agree, lots of credentials to have to remember.

-Scott Keene

I've got it. Thank you. There are many credentials in NAC: for ssh, for Web, for Devices like ETS_*********, etc. For every operation there is a special login/password pair.

Extreme Employee

I would like request that you open a ticket with GTAC to help you out. And pls let me ( know the case number so that I can follow up. I would like to be able to get the GTAC knowledge Base updated if it is not complete or missing something.