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Import to Service Definition & Import to Site Functions?

Import to Service Definition & Import to Site Functions?

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I will no doubt have my understanding wrong here, so appreciate any feedback.

Have an existing switch that already has services defined, as show below:



I would like to import these services into a new ‘Service Definition’.

The reason for this is I have different edge switches that have common service definitions based on location, so was going to create a service definitions as such

  • Location A Edge
  • Location B Edge

The configurations for these are already configured on the switches so wanted to import them into ‘Service Definitions’ in XMC. Firstly so they are in sync, and secondly if I wanted to add another switch with the same ‘Service Definitions’ based on location, I can then use this moving forward.

I have already created the service definition and called it ‘Location A Edge’




The issue I have at this point is that it is forcing me to add a ‘Service Application’?

The ‘Service Application’ would be equal to i-SID information shown above from the screenshot of the services tab in the switch configuration.

My expectation is that the ‘Import to Service Definition’ would create the ‘Service Application’s automatically based on the current configuration?

If that's not the case, how would I get XMC synchronised to the switch in the formation I would like based on common location i.e. is the only way to create service definitions first, or is it possible for brownfield locations to import, define and then use?

To achieve the same goal I’m not sure entirely what the ‘Import to Site’ action will do also?



Many thanks in advance