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Latency While Pinging Gateway of Vlan's Which is in our Core Switch

Latency While Pinging Gateway of Vlan's Which is in our Core Switch

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Hello, We have a BD8810 core switch and few models of Extreme EXOS Edge switches (like X430, X440, X460). All of our servers are connected to our core switch. Clients are connected in our Edge Switches. Our core switch having multiple VLAN's. Each vlan have own Tag ID. So, required VLAN's are created in our Edge Switches with relevant Tag ID in core switch. Now, the issue is, From past two days we are facing a issue while pinging the Gateway IP addresses of each VLAN's which are configured in our core. The issue is, reply time in ms is more than 150ms. It was less than 1ms previously. We don't know where the actual issue is? In configuration or is any loop or any slot problem in core. Please help us to resolve this issue.

You can use elrp client with the one-shot command to check for loops on various vlana that you have tagged to the edge.

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Like Olaf said.. Ping response is CPU driven so doing the TOP command should give you insight. In the past I have seen a few things drive up the CPU on the 8900's we have. One is mac address churn where our tables had 100k or so mac's and apparently there were enough of the timing out and having to be re-learned it drove the cpu up... Increasing the timeout fixed that.
Next was snmp queries. We have multiple systems doing polling for bandwidth, management, port up or down on trunk ports ect and this drove up the cpu. This has never affected services passing through our systems but it does affect polling and response to pings...

I had a similar issue crop up a few weeks ago. It was suggested that I upgrade my firmware. I did that, and after everything was upgraded and rebooted the issue went away for me.

Here is that thread:

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It could be a lot of things that could be causing the issue. Was there a change made 2 days ago? How are the edge switches connected to the core? What are the port configs on both ends of the connections (ie. port speed and duplex). Type the command "top", what is the output?

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Did you check the CPU utilization of the core switch?