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Modify Device view for Cisco Switches to show PVID, VLANs and Neighbor

Modify Device view for Cisco Switches to show PVID, VLANs and Neighbor

New Contributor II
Currently the Ports report in Device view only shows a PVID of 1 and no neighbor or VLAN info for a cisco environment.

I've already modified the device view to include the Port Vlans and Vlans in separate tabs but it would be nicer to see this information all in one tab.

Is it possible to modify the "Ports" device view to show this information for a cisco environment?



New Contributor II
Also the "Ports" tab is the only flexview that allows you to run scripts on a port. So going in and out of flexviews and then into the Ports view to run a script can be tedious

New Contributor II
Hi Stephan,

I've already added those flexviews from github into the device view. You can see them listed as "Resources", "VLANs" and "Port VLANs".

I know I can retrieve the information using these seperatre flexviews, but it would be nice to see all that information in one tab rather than going into 3.

And since device view defaults to "Ports" that has columns for neighbor, vlans and PVID, i'd like to get that information populated for ciscos

Valued Contributor III
Hello Byron,

may these Flexview meet your needs:

Regards Stephan