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Multiple VLANS (trunk .1Q) from a MAC driven policy

Multiple VLANS (trunk .1Q) from a MAC driven policy

New Contributor III


I'm sure I'm missing the obvious but how do I assign multiple VLANs on an Acceptance policy? 

I have two instances much the same result that I want to return with :-

A phone - one untagged VLAN and a Tagged VLAN for the phone to passthrough

Another Brand AP - Untagged VLAN then a bunch of tagged VLANS 

We have fabric Attach so normally. on the policy mapping I would have the VLAN ID then in Custom 1 the ISID, or various mappings depending on switch group.

Our APs are currently Extreme, and they get a policy with Mgmt. VLAN then they seem to be able to add tagged VLANS from control. In their policy they have AP aware selected,


Thanks in advance for any help / pointers 





Extreme Employee

If you're using Extreme OnePolicy if you go into Access Control --> Policy --> Select the policy --> There is a "VLAN Egress" tab at the top. 

You can use this to add additional egress VLANs to a policy.  One thing to note here is that dynamic policy cannot currently change the tagging method of a statically assigned policy on switchEngine. 

If you have data VLAN untagged as a static VLAN on a port, you cannot assign a policy with the data VLAN tagged. 

For FabricEngine/Fabric attach you can utilize the RADIUS attribute lists in the RADIUS policy mapping:

FA-VLAN-ISID=0:ISID for untagged
FA-VLAN-ISID=<VLANID>:<ISID> for tagged.

There is a way to do it with the newer style extreme-dynamic AVPS... but it sounds like you aren't using them.


Thank you, I will take a look and do some testing. Much appreciated!