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NBI: configure discovered devices

NBI: configure discovered devices

Contributor III

Manually configuring discovered devices in the GUI seems to behave differently than using NBI.

Selecting the site
* using GUI (Network > Discovered > Right-click: Configure device > Default Site): all the parameters change as they are inherited from the site
* using NBI: only the site changes and other parameters do not, unless you set them manually

mutation {
network {
configureDiscoveredDevice(input: {
deviceConfig: {
deviceIP: "",
generalConfig: {
defaultSitePath: "/World/xxx/yyy",

Also, the mutation call does not actually save the configuration, and make ZTP+ progress to the next stage "Pending", and then "Complete".
Which is what hitting "Save" would do in the GUI.

So how do I do using NBI what would happen in the GUI?

1) Select the site and thereby inherit its settings
2) Make ZTP+ actually proceed with provisioning


Valued Contributor III

Hello Jeronimo,

according to my experience, changes in the site are not automatically written to the devices that belong to the site. This was also confirmed to me by GTAC.

However, there is a call (mutation { network { configureDevice}) that does this.




Regards Stephan

Thanks, I will have to test if that mutation works before the device has been added i.e. is still in discovery state (ZTP+ pending).

But it probably won't be of much use in this case as we probably can't automate ZTP itself this way.

Extreme Employee

I will assume the configureDiscoveredDevice mutation simply does not trigger applying Site Actions if the defaultSitePath specifies a specific site. I do know that createDevices mutation did not perform similarly prior to XIQ-SE 22.06 where we added / enhanced it that it would apply Site Actions if an alternative siteLocation was specified.

I would suggest if no other response is provided here to open a case with GTAC for further investigation. This may be a gap in the current design of the mutation you are using.


As for using NBI to trigger ZTP to move to Staged from Pending Edit - I am not aware of such a mutation. Not to say there isn't - but a quick look at the mutation list doesn't show anything obvious. Again - this would be best asked via a GTAC case.