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Netsight and Oneview on a Cisco Network

Netsight and Oneview on a Cisco Network

New Contributor

I used to use Netsight on an Enterasys network. I am not on a Cisco network and I am trying to use Netsitght. Is this a practical thing to do? Currently I would like to do the following

  1. Use FlexViews to tell me broadcasts per second per port on my network
  2. Use FlexViews to tell me new flows per second per port on my network
  3. Use Oneview Daskboard to tell me how my switches are doing in terms of CPU and Memory usage flows etc.
  4. Use syslog to collect logs from all cisco devices and alert on things that concern me.
  5. Use Topology in OneView to build a map that is meaningful
Is it a pipe dream to have Netsight provide me this data on a Cisco network?

Currently the flexviews show me a big goose egg when running them against Cisco gear. And OneView shows me nada.

I have inventory manager working, and compass is nice but that is it really.


New Contributor II
I have been working with Netsight for about 8 months now with Extreme WIreless controllers and over 200 Cisco devices. We just finished rolling out NAC on the wireless and BYOD and now I am beginning to start with the wired network. I have tested and all works great. I have made some strides in managing Cisco devices but not a lot. We currently are able to backup and push configs to Cisco switches and I have been able to push IOS Firmware with Inventory manager but with some issues but hope to have that resolved very soon. I have a few flexviews working like showing vlans, checking Cisco devices if they are running a saved running-config and a few more. My biggest break was setting up device types so that Netsight recognized each Cisco device as the correct model and displaying if it was a switch, router, ASA or AP. That is when the flexviews really started getting the most info.

After all that said I am hoping to find some others interested and sharing our info and possibly solving some of these issues. Again this has taken me several months on my own to get this far. I pretty much know the file structure of the EMC by heart now. Anyone interested in possibly starting a group or just working together to get us all a lot further my email is

Daniel, do you have any info on how you were able to push Cisco Firmware through Inventory Manager? I am looking to do this with 2960's.

Hello Daniel,

I saw in Hub Extreme Networks that have done well with NetSight and for that I would like to be able to learn from their experience in the implementation of monitoring of equipment and brands like Cisco.
The truth is that it used 99% on Extreme and is quite useful however I'm starting with Cisco in version 8.0 but it does not show me much, can you help me with some of your experience?

I would greatly appreciate your help.

New Contributor II
Have you find Something to use ECM with Cisco switches ? I'm in charge a large Cisco network and a lot of question about how to ?