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Netsight MAPS: LLDP, Summits and CISCOs

Netsight MAPS: LLDP, Summits and CISCOs

Hello, everybody!

I've added several CISCOs (2960, 3650) and Summits (X430, X440) to Netsight MAPS.

All switches are "green" in Devices and connected by SNMP. LLDP is enabled everywhere.

I can see from Summits and CISCO each other with show lldp neighbors in details.

But the links don't appear in Maps. All tlvs are enables everywhere, even per links on CISCOs.

Core CISCO is 3650: "Cisco IOS Software, IOS-XE Software, Catalyst L3 \ Switch Software (CAT3K_CAA-UNIVERSALK9-M), Versio\
n 03.07.02E RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)"

What most likely could be the problem?

Many thanks in advance,


TO debug: tcpdump snmp to Cisco and extreme ( version 1 and 2), look in a network cache for LLDP details of switches, flex views for LLDP

latest version for EMC. Tomorrow I will debug what's going on

I have this problem today in Sweden. CIsco and Extreme 670,620. LLDP everywhere but links dont show up

Well.... It seemed to me that protocols should be the same from both sides. It would be difficult to enable EDP on CISCOs...)

It always worked with LLDP. I have been updatiing CISCOs to 15th IOS where LLDP is present and all work fine.