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OneView Improvements

OneView Improvements

New Contributor III
couple of our customers put our attention on OneView dashboard functionality which would be great to implement or repair.
- first is End system refresh - works only manually, would be great to refresh automaticaly or at least set refresh interval.
- second - when navigating one view tabs sometimes informations about grid sorting or filtering are lost.
- there is no possibility to set time group with one view


New Contributor III
It would be nice to have possibility to annotate shapes on map for example to write site names for multi-site customers.
Would be also great to use CDP or STP as it was in legacy map /console.

Extreme Employee

End system refresh is currently in development for version 8 of Netsight. We don't have a specific schedule just yet for when it will be added but it is slated for the 8.x release. The second issue of filtering and sorting functions being lost will be in the 8.0 release due out in the next few months.

Setting time groups is something that has not yet been ported over from the NAC java application. Our goal is to provide a complete port from the java applications to OneView and this feature is will be ported over though not expected for our first release of 8.0. In the meantime the functionality will remain in the NAC Manager application for configuration.