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Purview deployment Option

Purview deployment Option

Contributor II
Hi Community

I am deploying a new Purview installation at an Client.

The network diagram looks as follows:


The core is two bonded S8 Chassis.
From the core we have LAG's configured to each of the S6 end of Row Chassis. (See diagram)

The Purview appliancec has the extra 2 port 10Gbe Nic installed.
I was looking at connecting the two 10Gbe mirror interfaces as per the above diagram.

The question I have is what is the best way to load balance the mirror traffic across the two ports.
My initial idea was to mirror each of the local ports on each chassis that forms part of the Lag's to the local 10Gbe but I would presume I would not see any traffic as the traffic is part of the LAG and not the individual port memeber.

The other option is to load balance the lags cross the two ports so for example all odd LAG's mirror to the PV 10Gbe port on the left and all even lags mirror to the PV 10Gbe port on the right.

I thoughts on this??

Extreme Employee
Hi Andre

Here is an opinion. Perhaps set Policy mirror up for the three lags that will exist on the bonded chassis and eliminate the second link back to the Analytics appliance. With the policy mirror and the effects of sending over just the first 15 packets of each new flow a second link (card) may not be necessary.