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Using Extreme Control and Analytics on 100% HP network

Using Extreme Control and Analytics on 100% HP network

New Contributor
If a customer were to deploy EMC with Analytics and Control on a 100% HP Network, what kind of visibility will they get for L7 applications?
I assume as long as the switches can send flow data to a collector it should be much the same as if it were all Extreme switches?

Valued Contributor III
Another benefit of Telemetry capable switches: Network Response Time for each TCP flow passed through the switch. The customer will understand what if the issue is in the network or in the application/server/client... This is not available based on Netflow nor Sflow.
Regards Zdeněk Pala

Valued Contributor III
Regarding the analytics there is huge difference between “standard switch” and Extreme Application Telemetry capable switch. With flow data = netflow you will get L4 visibility. With flow data = sflow you will get Sampled visibility. L7 will come based on if you are lucky with Sampling. With Extreme switches (telemetry capable) the switch will inform the analytics engine about each and every tcp flow and due to deep packet inpaection also important traffic like HTTPs hello, HTTP get, and many others. The result is that customer will have L7 visibility without any additional “sensor”. There is also option to deploy sensor(s) to the 3rd party network and the sensor will provide you with L7 visibility.. Regarding control there are benefits of using Extreme switches also (policy with central management and deployment). The deployment of Control on Extreme is easier and quicker. But Control can be deployed on HP (Aruba/Comware/H3C) without issues... Regards! Z.
Regards Zdeněk Pala

Contributor II
Hi Michael.

Control will work 100% fine.
Once a user auth to nac you can return and standard Radius attribute or you can create custom vsa's to return.

For analytics you will need to deploy the analytics sensor ( 4 port SSA). You will then need to mirror traffic to this sensor centrally

Hope this helps