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VLAN Definition via EMC (Netsight)

VLAN Definition via EMC (Netsight)

Contributor III
Sometimes Netsight 8.0.x does not allow VLAN Definition on new switches.

See here - EXOS Switch with V16.2.4.5:


If i start MIB Browser i can read VLAN Information.


At next day it works ...

It seems that there needs to be a overnight run to recognize the ability for 802.1Q MIB VLAN Management ...

Does anybody know how to trigger this process (that i do not have to wait overnight) ?

Or is there another reason why netsight does not offer VLAN Definition on this switch ?

Thanks for feedback.

Contributor III
Does anybody know which other (3rd Party) vendors supported by current XMC VLAN Management ?

Which other vendors have implement the needed parts of Q-Bridge MIB in there switch firmware?

Contributor III
As a workaround there a CLI based VLAN Scripts in Netsight Solution available - they work with EXOS G1 Switches.
See Administration - Scripting - Category "VLAN"

Unfortunately these scripts needs some improvements to be really useful - currently they are not so helpful as they could be ...

Contributor III
i recognize that Q-Bridge MIB will only (fully) supported started with EXO 22.1.x.

So EXOS 16.x will not work!
Q-Bridge MIB seems to be provides only on part - but NOT in that part that Netsight can manipulate VLANs.

I hope for all G1 or 16.x customer that maybe a backport of that functionality will be done ...

Dear Rahman.

Thank you for your response. I am sorry for your experience.

You can use Flexview for HP and Enterasys and new XOS. All those do support standard 802.1Q MIB. Cisco and old XOS does not support standard 802.1Q MIB, so you can use script.

Old XOS does not support 802.1Q MIB so there is only XML and CLI what can be used.

I will investigate the A2H issue. Thank you for bringing to our attention.

Best regards

Regards Zdeněk Pala