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XCC onboard on XIQ-SE

XCC onboard on XIQ-SE

New Contributor III

a) 2 legacy IdentiFi V2110 in HA mode were replaced to 2 XCC VE6120 Medium in HA mode (appliance license + AP subscriptions LIC-XCC-ORC already activated)
b) Extreme Management Center migrated to XIQ-SE

Everything seems to be OK (Policy Manager, Access Control, Analytics, Wireless Maps and Wireless Manager working just fine) but the column "License" in "Network" menu for XCC appliances displays status "Do Not Onboard" which confuses me because those devices should consume at least two XIQ-Pilot licenses (as like every appliance?). Is it OK or I need to do something to fix it? How this will work when I upgrade XCC to XIQ-Controller and migrate LIC-XCC-ORC to XIQ-Navigator licenses? XIQ-C can be still managed in XIQ-SE or I need to onboard it in XIQ? I'm asking because now I am unable to onboard XCC to XIQ when XCC is managed by XIQ-SE (despite the fact that HTTP/HTTPS(s) and DNS traffic is opened for XCC appliances).

Thanks in advance for help!