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XCC - XMC Captiveportal

XCC - XMC Captiveportal


Good evening everyone, sorry if I go back to the topic again but I can't find the solution.
XCC - CAPTIVEPORTAL ON XMC. I followed the step by step guide but the device cannot connect to a network to contact the captiveportal. Communication between XCC and XMC is there and I am getting the filter-id parameters correctly. Is anyone using XMC as a captive portal and can help me out?

Thanks in advance



Extreme Employee


Give this article a shot and let me know if it was helpful:


Hi, unfortunately it doesn't work yet. I followed both the official documentation and a document shared some time ago but the result is always the same. The client does not receive any ip address on the Unregistered network and so it is not possible to contact the captive portal. I am quite disconsolate, it is not possible to take weeks to configure a captive portal!!!!




If you are stuck and cannot proceed further GTAC can help find the issue if you have the ability to contact them.

If the device does not get an IP address you need to perform basic L2/L3 troubleshooting to determine why.  What filter-id is returned from Control, which role is being assigned by the XCC appliance, what VLAN is assigned?

Be aware that for XCC you need "Unregistered role for <network name>" as a filter-ID for unregistered users.

If you assign a static IP appropriate for the VLAN can you ping the default gateway?
Can you ping the DHCP server?

If you take a packet capture at the AP radio/ethernet ports do you see your clients traffic entering the network?

Thanks for your reply.

Today I created a new ssid without captiveportal, configured on the same vlan ( UnregisterdVlan ) and the client receive the ip address correctly.

If I activate the captive portal XMC send me back the filterID :

radius.Filter_Id == "Enterasys:version=1:policy=Unregistered role for XIQ-C-EAC-Guest".

I noticed from Wireshark on AccessPoint DHCP traffic from AccessPoint to XCC ( DHCP OFFER packet ) --> No answer

I configured manually the ip but it does not work so I think that I do not receive the vlan parameter.