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XMC Network Diagrams and VLAN

XMC Network Diagrams and VLAN

New Contributor III

Hello XMC Product Managers 🙂


I really like the network diagrams in XMC, and I like that you can use the VLAN feature to see where the VLAN is configured. However, I did a test where I had two connected devices having a VLAN, but one device has it on the uplink port, while the other does not. I then used the VLAN view and it shows that the vlan is on both devices, but no indication that it’s not on the uplink port on one of the devices between the two switches. If there is a long chain or a big site, this would be a really cool and quick way to visualize that a vlan is properly configured from switch to another with their ports. Maybe the VLAN color can cover half of the link to indicate it’s only on one side?


If this already can be done, let me know. Otherwise, just putting it here for discussion 🙂