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1 hop mesh wireless link or AP 30 to AP 30 Mesh link

1 hop mesh wireless link or AP 30 to AP 30 Mesh link

New Contributor

I am looking for clarification and if so guidance.
I need to create a 1 hop wireless link, where by the child AP will connect to the parent AP and permit clients to associate to the Child AP
I would like this via XIQ as I know it is supported in WiNG.

I see AP 30 supports such a 1 hop design however can this be achieved with only AP 30 access points
i.e. where the AP 30 parent AP is directly connected to a LAN and managed via XIQ, will a close by AP 30 child just powered at the wall box establish a mesh like to the parent AP 30 and permits clients to associate. Following the establishment of the Mesh Will XIQ manage the child AP.

I look forward to any clarification or guidance
Thank You


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Larry, you can absolutely mesh an AP30 with another AP30, and by design they will scan the surrounding wireless airspace looking for a device to set up an automatic mesh network with as soon as they are plugged in. If that doesn't happen automatically, you can always set up mesh manually in the configuration as well. Hope that helps!


Thank you for this clarification and input