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Automatic connection ssid with not internet conection

Automatic connection ssid with not internet conection

New Contributor
@Hi, I am trying to set up an internal ssid that has no internet output.
I have configured the acls so that it can connect to the internal dns and ntp.
I have done the tests with an android 9.0. the device detects the ssid and I can connect, but when I turn off the device I can not reconnect automatically.
Does anyone know if I am doing it right or if in the acl I have to allow some traffic to be able to perform this automatic reconnection? The Ntp is not working too.
With another ssid that I have configured with internet output  it connects me automatically.
Thanks, best regards

Extreme Employee


Could we please get a techdata from the affected ap while the issue is being replicated?

You can get techdata in EIQ by going to manage > tools > utilities > get techdata > check problematic ap > click blue get techdata button, or by sshing to the ap in question and running:

console page 0

show tech

Its a general erros with Aps. I have 30 devices with android version 7.0 with not problem but with devices that thet have android os 9.0 i cant find which its isusse that doent enable to reconnect a not internet connection ssid.
Its a internal which i work to connect internal devices with no internet access.


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I would still want a techdata from the ap associated with the issue so I can narrow down the issue.