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Bonjour gateway stopped working

Bonjour gateway stopped working

Valued Contributor

Hi all,


For some reason our Bonjour Gateway (BG) stopped working out of the blue yesterday - 9/21/22, and im trying to figure out why.

for background:

When we installed our wifi system, we added all our vlans, and in the BG we added the services we needed, and on a few of the AP's around campus, we set the BG priority to 250 on the "main" AP, then 251, 252 on various AP's around campus, just in case the "main" AP went down.


over the course of this year we have had reason to reset all our AP's to Template Defaults, which unknown to us, removed that BG priority field.  And yet BG was still working.


This morning i went into the main AP, and put the priority 250 back in, and then noticed within DHCP, that the name of our AP is in each of our many scopes (which it wasnt before).


So i assume the revert AP to template default was responsible for removing that from all our DHCP  scopes rendering BG useless, but why were our apple devices still working weeks after that was done, and only failed yesterday?


Like i said, i went and put the Priority back into what we called the "main" AP, and the hostname of the AP is now showing in all the scopes, but i need to know how this was still working weeks after resetting all AP's back to template defaults.  Also to suggest making that a Global setting, as im sure i wont be the only one who didnt think of that when i reset all the AP's back to template defaults, so having it as Global setting will help with that situation.