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Bring running Switch config to XIQ ? is this possible

Bring running Switch config to XIQ ? is this possible

New Contributor II

we have to rollout a bunch of 5320 Switches to a new site , the customer want to manage the devices with xiq ..

We have configured the switches prior with sharing ports for uplinks to central cores ..
Now .. the switches appear into the xiq cloud , but every update fails, because some ports are already configured and the stupid cloud think.. the should be on VLAN 1 .

Is there no way to bring a running config on such a switch into the cloud database, and the cloud knows that for example ..  "Port 1:49 is sharing with 2:49 and a trunk port ?? "
If there is no way ... xiq cloud switch management is useless. you can not configure every switch on customer site when you need 30 devices into a roll out.



Extreme Employee

XIQ is currently not capable of pulling the existing switch config and get in sync automatically. They both have independent configs. So, it has to be the administrator who must do this manually. That is the reason why there is a clause that says only Green-filed is currently supported between XIQ and VOSS/EXOS.

@extreme: is there an item on the Roadmap to add this feature, eventually?

This is especially important for any site where certain switches already exist and new shall be added + full XIQ management.