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Chromecast / Chromecast w. Android TV not connecting

Chromecast / Chromecast w. Android TV not connecting

New Contributor
Hi there,

Using an AP302W with XIQ. I am trying to connect several Chromecasts to the wireless network but they never connect.
I am unable to find any verbose logs in XIQ to show what is going on, so I tried different configurations, not knowing exactly what will work.

I have a suspicion that this is mDNS related as this seems to be the issue with most other wireless AP from other vendors.
I can't, however, find anything related to this in XIQ.

Has anyone run into the same issue and found a solution to the issue?

Extreme Employee

Are they able to connect to WLAN in general? Or just you cannot cast to it?

If first is going on, then check WLAN basic options (PSK, 802.11w etc)

If second try to disable Multicast handling.
Go to WLAN settings, on the bottom you have "Optional Settings". As per picture below, try with changing "Convert Multicast to Unicast" to Never. Hope it helps.



Valued Contributor
I dont know if this is of any help, but we can into issues rolling out Apple TV's across VLANS, as it was an un-routable protocol,  and by enabling bonjour gateway, it basically injected each vlan with the AP that was acting as the bonjour gateway.  Maybe your issue is the device/protocol is not routable.  Sorry if this isnt of any help.  Hope it is though.