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Device already onboarded errors for AP130

Device already onboarded errors for AP130

New Contributor
I have (2) used AP130s, S/N 01301504100327 and S/N 01301504150875, and when I try to onboard them I get an error message that says "Device already onboarded”.  Is it possible to get these S/N's cleared in ExtremeCloud IQ so I can onboard them?  Thanks..!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey Dan, sorry for the long wait here, thanks for your patience. I have looked up those two devices and I see them still registered to their previous owner in our system, which would explain the error you're seeing. I've emailed the original owner to get permission to transfer ownership of these devices to you. Once we have that, I can remove the old records so you can add these devices to your own inventory. If we don't hear back from the original owner, I'll reach out to the old account team to see if we can get approval for the transfer from them instead. If the account team can't help us, we'll need to reach out to your local sales team to see if they can transfer ownership without contacting the original owner. I just wanted to let you know what the process looks like as it can take some time. 

Please feel free to check in with me here for an update any time. I'll let you know as soon as I have any new information.

New Contributor
Thanks Hans. Extreme support declined to help me with these because I bought them used and I don't know the original owner.  I bought them from an electronics repurposing company, and I think they bought a pallet of AP130s that were headed to the landfill.  I'm hoping someone like Sam from Extreme Networks can do some magic to release them from the previous account.

Hi Dan
You have to remove the access points from there current management environment (Hivemanager or ExtremeCloudIQ) before you can add the access points to this new instance. If you do not know in wich instance the access points are connected to, you have to contact Extreme support.